Life Skills

A few years back my small boy had one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the good fortune to come across. Seriously this man was incredible. Along with keeping the kids up to speed with all the normal school curriculum, he used to throw in a few extras like a regular Dance Party, and Life Skills with Mr P. While I’m a huge fan of any dancing in a regular day it’s the Life Skills one that stuck with me. How it worked, was he wanted to teach the kids some of the things that he wished someone had taught him when he was a kid.

Pretty simple right? The kids loved it. They hung on every word he gave them and with the stories that were told, my son placed his young teacher a little further up onto his complete and utter hero pedestal. Was their parent support? You betcha.

Fast forward to now, and lately I’ve been thinking about my own life skills I’m passing on. Some are formed by osmosis, and others I have to make a concerted effort to make sure they are taught. For me making time for this important. It doesn’t always happen at the time I would like, but it’s still important.

While there aren’t set lists, (besides knowing your food, cooking, growing, reading and how to swim of course.) Those small moments in the day can often create huge amounts of opportunity for spontaneous life lessons. Things that come about after a conversation being had, an opportunity that’s jumped out, or perhaps it’s just something that might have been thought of as we are trucking along one day.

Different environments present different learning possibilities and while I would love to be showing my kids how amazing building your own rocket stove is, or the consequences of damming up a small body of moving water, for the moment I have to work with what I have.

There are so many things to be learnt in life, and I know I’m not ever going to even begin to cover them all. How could I when I’m still learning myself?

What’s important for me is cultivating an environment for questions. Eternal curiosity, creating big and little things, reading, making stuff, and always growing something. By doing this, hopefully it all just continues to build from there.

To those teachers whether within a school or life teachers who make learning exciting,  passing on lessons in fun accessible ways, making kids/people just want to know more, are gold. Bloody gold. While I can’t replicate Mr P, I can offer my own version of lessons in life skills, and with that I’m hopeful those steps are something that my kids in turn will be able to build up from.


What’s on your list for necessary Life Skills? 

How to have a conversation?

How to open a can without a can opener?

What kneading dough until smooth looks like?


Knowing what to do when there is nothing to do?

What to do with mushy bananas?

How to take a pallet apart?

Public speaking?

How to sprout things?

How to light a fire without matches?


5 thoughts on “Life Skills

  1. Manners.
    How to deal with difficult people. How to have difficult conversations and/or coping skills when difficult situations arise.
    How to treat a spider/snake bite 😬
    How to cook a meal from start to finish, including gathering all ingredients and cleaning up.
    How to include people that struggle.
    How to whip up something from nothing when someone arrives unannounced and hungry 😳🤣
    How to identify plants and where to look for further information.
    I could go on… my poor kids 😂


  2. My list… Or part thereof…
    How to apply make up without looking like a clown.
    How to app,y make up to look like a clown.
    How to make a meal from “nothing”.
    How to sit with a person in pain and not try to fix anything.
    How to mend clothes.
    How to find op shop gold.


  3. Good teachers are hard to find, great teachers wisdom sticks with you a lifetime. What a great idea having such a unique Life Skills teacher. Mmm, let me see. Life skills I’d like to leave behind/teach is how to find the good & interesting in anyone, it seems criticism is the only game in town for so many, but if you just take a little time and don’t judge, gee there are some amazing people around. Oh yeah, and how to cook yummy food with just a few ingredients.


  4. I love this post and life skills is a very important thing kids need to learn. Unfortunately many kids especially girls do not have access to simple life life skills like fight for their right to education. My 11 y/o, an avid reader started to fund raise for such girls in coalition with a foundation. I am helping her to set up the blog before she can start writing more independently on book summaries, and other stuff she wanted to write. This Thankgiving, we both sat down and posts published two post with a back date to test them. She has a lot of content to publish pending past three months. So we are figuring out to move content around, create pages etc. Please do visit and give some feedback so she will be encouraged!


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