It’s all pretty exciting really

It’s 5.15am and your alarm goes off.

Outside is dark. Stars still stand defiantly in the night sky as sunrise isn’t for another good hour and a quarter yet. You stumble into your swim suit, add another 6 layers over the top and silently tip toe out of the house, bundled up like a marshmallow woman. It is after all 7C out.

The trick is don’t let the cold sneak in. Don’t let it.

The stars are still there as you arrive. Looking our over the flood lit pool, and watching the wind whip up over the tops of the waves, you question yourself briefly. Although these days, the why no longer comes into it, it’s just something you do.

You wait patiently for the sun to arrive.

Swimming at sunrise at Merewether Ocean Baths throughout the year isn’t something that appeals to the masses (especially during these winter months), and yet to a select group of people this is the secret to a well lived life.

For over a year now I’ve been documenting these sunrise people, a visual story culminating in an exhibition scheduled for early next year. Over the next six months I will be sharing snippets of these ocean lovers, the magic of sunrise and a tiny part of the process in what it takes to create a body of work for exhibiting.

I hope you’ll jump on board for the journey, it’s a really exciting one that I’m tickled pink to be able to share.

In other news, there is a new website of mine if you are keen for a peek, and if you are still keen as a bean in finding out a few more super fascinating facts about me, I was kindly invited over for a lovely chat at Duckfeet on their Duckfeatures series.

Hope your week to come is good one dear people.

12 thoughts on “It’s all pretty exciting really

  1. Our wood is not seasoned enough so the house is very crispy. Ah yes, once you let the cold in it’s hard to get warm again. Site looks amazing. High five!


    • I’ll take that high five Zena, building a new website isn’t the easiest of easy’s 🙂
      And yikes to cold houses where you live. Australian houses just don’t do cold weather particular well…anywhere!


  2. I love your other site. I love storytelling images and I too am a lover of taking an image with few words. Love the portfolio shot of pretty.


  3. Hi! I checked out your website, what beautiful pictures! I’m so impressed! And what a lovely little piece for Duckfeet! As always I find YOU inspiring. I love the stories, the pictures. Keep it coming. So well done!!!


  4. Firstly, I love your Duckfeet feature, very cool! I also adore the photos in this post, they both capture part of such a beautiful story. Those early morning swims sound special. There is just something about an early start isn’t there? Almost a secret time while the rest of the world sleeps.


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