loving…words, jungles and cake

Loving…listening to inspiring words at the Newcastle Writer’s Festival this weekend. Mind bendingly good. So good.

Loving…watching my kids rolling on the ground and laughing until tears squeezed out their eyes and breath would only come in gasps. What on earth was so funny? Truth be told, not a lot, but when you combine an impromptu short story you are telling with a few bum jokes, well you’ve pretty much made it to Parent of The Week.

Loving… creating a special occasion lazy version of a Black Forest Cake. No, actually not a lazy version…lets strike that one and rename it. Economical, lets fly with that one, (and yes it did look a bit 80’s style.)

Loving… the sun finally coming out for longer than an hour or two. While it did highlight the fact that a jungle of tarragon has replaced the backyard, it also brought all the bees out to play, and that dear people, is a beautiful thing.

How about you? What are you up to this weekend? What are you loving at the moment?


[“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]

I hacked the recipe, but if you want the original Black Forest Cake, try here.


10 thoughts on “loving…words, jungles and cake

  1. Hey 😊 This weekend has been a bit of a treasure trove – a weekend away for my partner’s birthday, a bush walk, dinner at our favourite Greek restaurant and meeting up with friends at a local food festival, with a bit of blogging thrown in. Back at home now, with my bucket feeling very full. I love me a writing fest – I haven’t been to the Newcastle one – is it good?


    • Ah it’s so good Sara. So good. Something for everyone. I’ve been to the Sydney one oodles of time and I reckon the Newcastle one is easily on the same level without the crowds and missing out because of too many people. I went to five sessions and my brain is still on a high gear trying to process everything. I’d say lock it in for next year woman…I’m sure your partner would love to spend his birthday weekend surrounded by words…or kids, as you wave goodbye as I did 🙂

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      • Yes, I love the smaller festivals for that very reason! The Bear is a festival convert, but our annual favourite at Bellingen is not on this year 😩


  2. I don’t think anyone can tire from a classic 80’s black forest cake! With two boys, I’m bombarded with bum jokes. Save me. I am loving I can get golden milk latte at a new local cafe and loving my new job at our local library.


  3. You always remind me to enjoy my five year old’s five year old ways rather than get frustrated with them. It’s a reminder to enjoy them while they’re here. School holidays, making Easter cards and clothes for Ponies in a five year old’s way … Can’t really get batter than that! Thanks for the reminder to be GRATEFUL for these moments. ❤


      • And now we’re getting into the outdoors … We’re going on an adventure and we might even find the Faraway Tree … Think back to Enid Blyton if I need to remind but I’m sure I don’t. You seem like the kind of person who would’ve read the series. Wisha, wisha, wisha! 🙂 There might even be some fairies out there!


      • I thought as much – you middle name being Enid Blyton. It didn’t go so well … She wasn’t buying it. As she gets older she’s less into nature than she used to be as a toddler. I’m soooo sad about that. It makes it so difficult for me to go to my happy place now unless it’s without her. AND I’d really like to TRY and keep it up with her. I could do it on my own but it’s important to get kids out in nature right? … Or not so good when they become right little monsters when you at least try … Sad … Oh well, I can’t say I don’t try …


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