New Shoes…New Doors


I’m not entirely sure how it happened.

Maybe I turned my head? Blinked longer than I should have, and there she went. Grew up and went right out the door with a backpack on her back. Shiny black shoes on her feet and more bubbles of excitement than any other regular given day.

New doors are opening, others simply have quietly shut.

It’s a big one for both of us, so I’m taking it in. Taking it all in.

The last baby bird just went to school.



16 thoughts on “New Shoes…New Doors

  1. Oh bless those little school feet. This will be me next year Brydie. It will be time to let go and enjoy a new beginning. Big hugs. Big things are waiting for both of you.


    • The biggest always looks the biggest when there are still babies at home. But when the baby reaches the same stage…she’s still the baby. Still the little one as there’s no one else smaller than her. Yes, big changes here. Enjoy this last year Zena. x


  2. It’s crazy, isn’t it? People tell you that kids grow up quickly and, at some level, you don’t really believe it and then it happens to your kids. My eldest has just finished high school and is about to start uni and I’m in shock! I hope your daughter is loving it.


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