39 reasons to feel content


Long swims at sunrise, and heart flipping coffees. That’s how I wanted to start the year of being 39, doing two of the things that I love to do best. I also wanted to be with my crew, my gang, my posse of wild ones. The ones that don’t mind so much when I nuzzle into their necks, breathe in deep, while following that up with long hugs that don’t need explaining. I wanted buckwheat pancakes with strong drippy honey and dance sessions that end only when true tiredness sneaks in.

Indulgent yes. And I make no excuses for that. This last year has been a strong one (this last week even), a year of so many new things, and old things, and sometimes it’s been a struggle to keep up. Not now though, not this day. This day I’m charging up, refuelling, filling my basket of contentment for whatever the next year unfolds.

  1. Long sea swim at sunrise in the rain. 2. Heart flipping coffees 3. Gentle hugs. 4. Buckwheat pancakes. 5. Running fast with the whippet. 6. Quietly gardening. 7. Connecting with people who get you. 8. Books, beautiful books. 9. Thinking time. 10. Fast card games. 11. Dancing. 12. Singing loud. 13. Picking flowers from your garden. 14. Homemade marmalade. 15. Belly laughing texts. 16. Thoughtful gifts. 17. Recipe book flicking. 18. Recipe book baking. 19. Handwritten notes. 20. Stretching. 21. Walking barefoot on soft grass. 22. Local organic wine sipping. 23.Tiny packages delivered to the door. 24. Watching bees do what they do best. 25. Making tiny plans. 26. Creating exciting stories out of everyday objects. 27. Making big plans. 28. Belly laughs. 29. Giggles. 30. Movie watching. 31. Drawing. 32. Reading about places you would love to visit. 33. Marzipan. 34. Listening to music (loud) 35. Photo inspiration. Surprise babysitting. 36. Chats over back fences. 37. Holding hands. 38. Balmy evenings. 39. Sunset clouds with my gang.

21 thoughts on “39 reasons to feel content

      • Four days a week now in the pool. Our lake here is pretty warm in the summer. I did my first swim last year in May and my last at the end of October…sought out cold water…14 or 15 degrees C as I swam the English Channel with a team in July! Lots on my blog!


      • I know how DID that happen?! I really don’t feel like 39 or if ever there is such a feeling. I now get it when “old” people say they feel like a young woman still. I get that now already. Almost 40… Oh well it really is just a number!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Brydie. My 39th is just around the corner, past Christmas. Did I know we were the same age? Not sure, but suspected we might be. You have a beautiful list there, and I hope that the last year of your thirties is filled with it all many times over. I love your first image of rain falling on the ocean. Swimming in the rain – one of my very favourite things!


    • Swimming in the rain in the ocean is the best isn’t it Alison. Made even more wonderful by the fact that the only people out there doing the same, all think it’s magic as well.
      (Nope I don’t think we did know we were the same age…hello πŸ™‚


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