white, red and black…going gently


White coriander flower

Red strawberries

Black nose


I’m getting better at listening to myself. I don’t always interpret things the way that they could be, but I’m getting better at it. Slowly.

When the week pulls to a stop, and everything seems to have tiny dinging bells telling me to bring it all in, to go slower, to go gently. I’m listening. It probably took longer than it should have, but I’m here now.

Have a gentle weekend people.


26 thoughts on “white, red and black…going gently

  1. When I hear tiny dinging bells I am reminded of those ruddy bellbirds taking over the eucalypts and how I must go clear more lantana. Have a lovely Sunday Brydie.


  2. Love each of those pics. It reminds me of how lucky we are to have the simple things in life around us. My fur baby is a lot fluffier though 🙂 Have a great weekend. Much quieter here today up in Nth QLD now the air show is over!


    • Yes, those simple little things around us are frequently the reason why I take pictures of so many things…just little reminders. Thanks for taking the time to comment Sue, and glad your noisy air show is over.


  3. Oh I need to remember your words more often Brydie. I loved your recent article in Earth Garden on finding a tribe. I think it is relevant, even if we have lived in a community for some time. Reaching out to people is something I try to continually do, sometimes a great friendship could be just around the corner x


  4. “Good Lord!” You have strawberries Ms C?! AND you got your dog to sit?!! I would say you are on top of everything with those two eventualities. The rest is just gravy 🙂


      • Earl ate everything when he was younger (under 2). He ate the steering wheel in the car. He ate the gear knob (twice) he ate all of our shoes (well, to be honest, only one of each but you get the picture) if we were foolish enough to leave them out and he learned, very early on, to “prune” our potted babies that we had on our deck. We had a LOT of potted babies on our deck and Earl was most select. He would ONLY prune our precious grafted babies and only ever underneath the graft…It’s amazing that Earl is going to see his 6th birthday this year to be honest but nowadays he only eats toys, shoes that we have given him and pool noodles, if one strays over the fence.


      • Once you get past that puppy stage you find yourself with a companion who doesn’t care how you look, who bends over backwards to be with you, who throws a “Welcome Home!” party even if you have just been around the block and who is ready to offer themselves up to all manner of love in the name of companionship. Relationships like that in the human world are like diamonds. Dogs offer them to us every day.

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      • oh that cracks me up. I think I remember one of your old posts mentioning the chewing. The steering wheel and gear stick is an incredible effort, it really is. Non chewy dog owners just don’t understand the havoc that they can cause! Winnie has done, an inside step, back deck, furniture, countless shoes obviously (thing is she is quite bouncy so can reach things even when you think they are out of reach), plants, she searchs for pegs, pencils, pens etc…if you have a spare two minutes google ‘three cheeky whippets’- destroyed a mattress…something that if she had another dog as a cheering sideline, I know she would do in a heartbeat. Only a year and three months until she is out of the puppy chew time right??

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      • Well…see what happens is that they go from the puppy chew time to the “selective chew”. They will go for months on end without even hinting at the need to chew something then one day, you may have left them at home when they considered it was their dog given right to sit in the front seat of the car with you. You may have popped over to the neighbour with a cake that they had been eyeing off on the kitchen table. You may have foolishly left your UBER expensive Italian leather handbag on the edge of the kitchen table while you raced over to answer a call and suddenly that “chew” phase returns in a most magnificent way. Bezial once ate a windowsill and a hole in a wall. I have NO idea how he ate the hole in the wall. Just get your head around the logistics to apply teeth to a flat surface and the mind boggles. I guess some dogs are more prone to nibbling/chewing than others but they tend to be the BIG loving dogs. The ones that miss you like crazy and most chewing smacks of things that smell of “us”. That’s why shoes and socks are a firm favourite with dogs. Just remember how Winnie is when you return from work. Just remember how much love she is ready and willing to dole out to anyone with time for a pat and a cuddle. I recon it cancels out the wall, the grafted plants AND all of Steve’s dirty socks (hey, “I” don’t have to touch them in the wash. I may or may not have paid Earl to scoff them 😉 )

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      • We have NO idea how he did it but at the same time, he severed the electric blanket cable and the lamp cable in our bedroom. I get the feeling we were having the dog equivalent of a horses head in our bed for some undisclosed crime against dogdom 😉


  5. I DIDN’T have a gentle weekend but I’m going to try to today. It’s my daughters first day back at kindy (besides a silly half day last Wednesday – what a tease that was!!) since school holidays so I’m ready for it. My head wants to get things done – so motivated to utilise those 20 full days of kindy I have left for the year – but my body’s saying stop. After celebrating my 50th birthday that was last Thursday, my body’s crumbling. Tired, achy, with a sore throat to boot. I’m heading for a lie down … Your post is a reminder. Thank you. ❤


  6. Oh yes, and what beautiful photos. Narf7 is right! Strawberries and so many that don’t look like they been touched by insects/bugs! You got your dog to sit for long enough for a photo and you caught the delicate flowers of the coriander in between wind gusts unless it was a very still day. That’s all a feat in itself!


  7. Does your coriander bolt to seed really quickly? It does here before I can get to use it so now I only grow Sawtooth coriander. I only have to cut off the spiky bit that flowers and the rest grows non-stop all year round. Tastes just like regular coriander too. So glad a friend gave me some!


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