morning shower || Brydie Piafapple crumble || cityhippyfarmgirlPaul Dempsey || Brydie Piaf

Morning light on the calendula,

impossible to ignore when the sun glistens like that.

Apple Crumble staples this week,

inhaled by the small ones.

Still ringing ears from an amazing concert in Sydney,

definitely worthy of being deaf for a few days.


Do you have any snippets to share this week?



13 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Such gorgeous photos as always Brydie! * kale chips and homemade pizza were a hit * kale chips and homemade sushi were also a hit… The small one eating an obscene amount of pickled ginger * and I bought one of those enamel pie dishes, a beautiful shade of green, that has become a home for the kitchen sponges. (We’re on a big health kick… No crumble here!)


    • All sounds great! kale chips I really enjoy but only one other in the household agrees. It’s all about the salt and the olive oil surely πŸ™‚
      I remember awhile back I tried a sugar free, gluten free crumble Sam. It’s not quite the real deal but it certainly wasn’t a bad alternative.


  2. I’m in the middle of making sour dough and it’s taking forever. It better be worth it! I made congee too in my Phillips All-in-one cooker and it’s amazing if I say so myself!


  3. Thought I recognised him. Nothing like a bit of live music and dancing to liven your soul. We went to a community ball a couple of weekends ago to get our winter fix (it wasn’t quite Something for Kate, but it was music and it was live, and we had to dance just to keep warm!). Eating lime tart and rhubarb crumble here – the garden is pumping out the citrus at the moment, and the chooks are happily scratching amongst the calendula. xx


    • Live music is great and it had been far, far too long between seeing someone live.
      Swap you some sourdough for some of that homegrown goodness citrus Alison? πŸ™‚
      My lime tree is far, far from producing anything…poor little wizened thing it is. I’m going to have to give it a pep talk I think.


  4. My kids are mad for apple crumble this week too! In fact, my daughter (8) loves it so much, I have taught her how to make it – her first proper dish (I don’t think cereal and toast count 😊). And goodness, that calendula photo!


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