Focus… on just one thing

Outside it’s blowing a gale. The sun shines bright through the windows and if I wasn’t paying close attention I’d think it was a perfectly lovely regular sunny day out there. Watching the eucalypts bend in the wind, tell me instead it’s a day with mixed feelings.

I get that.

Jumbled thoughts and distracted actions, I’m certainly no stranger here. It seems this week is one of those times. Time to pare it back a little, concentrate on one thing at a time instead of adding more and more to the circus show.

So how am I doing that? I’m dropping in little things that make the heart sing into the everyday, where I know the exhaled breath will be taken back and might be, (hopefully) just a little longer…instead of being unknowingly held.

I’m reading ‘Optimism’ by Bob Brown. What an incredible man, he can come round for dinner any time.

Singing along to Paul Dempsey, because he is awesome, (and equally encouraged to drop round for dinner any time.)

Swapping eggs and lemons for Lemon and Olive Oil Cake with my neighbours. Bonus chats over the back fence, always included.

Stopping in the winter sun, looking out to the water, grounding myself, and taking a minute just to focus on the one thing.

Because that stuff right there?

Yeah, it’s important.


How are you travelling? If this post reminds just one person to take a minute to stop, breathe and practise a little mindfulness for a minute or too, I’m happy with that.

Also try here for an interesting read on the Japanese method of self reflection: Naikan







15 thoughts on “Focus… on just one thing

  1. I love reading your reflections and thoughts Brydie, and I have to tell you I’ve made your lemon and olive oil cake twice in the last month! I haven’t perfected it though – it’s very dry and burnt on the bottom – I’m in the UK so am adjusting the time down in increments. Could this be to do with altitude? I’ve heard tell of it before as a problem with baking across different continents but am not experienced enough to know for sure. Anyway, the lemon taste is still there and delicious! xx


    • Hmm, well thats no good Rebecca…no good at all! 180C is generally just a moderate oven basic for a lot of baking, maybe whack it down to 170C? Or simply cook it for less, however if it’s burning on the bottom it sounds too hot. Every oven is different, and you know your own kitchen so the recipe is always just a guideline. If you go with a moderate oven and a slightly longer time frame given the wetter consistency you should be good to go though. Should be a light, soft moist crumb…hope that helps!


  2. How am I doing? Well, after a frantic few days with thoughts running all over the place, I am settled and grounded. I am literally sitting in bed, with a chai, catching up on my blogging people and what they have been doing, and I couldn’t be happier 😊


  3. Never a truer word written.
    I’m taking a moment to listen to my daughter (without her knowing) learn to play Close To You (Carpenters) on the piano. Gosh I love the sound of music being played in the house…magic.


  4. Another busy week, topped of with a soccer carnival. 4 kids sound asleep, having some quiet time with a tall glass of kombucha, nice music (thanks for the recommendations!). Taking the time for making a battle plan for next week, making sure there is time booked free for some fun and me things. Have a great week!


  5. Off to another week learning how to code websites and phone apps at TAFE. I woke up this morning feeling a bit stressed and then stopped, lay in bed in the dark at 3am and remembered to be mindful. Stopped stressing and started thinking about everything that is good about learning, finding new ways to communicate and upskilling and the stressful looking day just melted away. Today is now full of possibilities and opportunities. You are dead right. We just have to stop stressing/worrying/being scared/all of the above and focus on one thing and suddenly the big picture becomes deliciously smaller and much MUCH more manageable. Life is good. We just have to slow down and see the good bits rather than racing past them to try to solve the bad bits that haven’t even happened yet. Cheers for the reminder Ms C. You are always reminding us of the good stuff πŸ™‚


  6. Very beautiful post Brydie, and a very timely reminder that noticing the moments is the essence of savouring, and so really living, life. It can be easy to forget when you’re swept up in the whirlwind! Thanks for sharing xo


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