What time is it?

Break Free 2016 || Brydie Piaf04 || cityhippyfarmgirl08 || cityhippyfarmgirl06 || cityhippyfarmgirl

The clock on the wall says,

morning sun,

the plants say water me…please.

The unsung tomatoes say,

nearly there.

The protestors on the beach say

time is running out.

The kids beg for dinner,

it must be dinner time.

The pup at the door says

time to let her out.

The piled books by the bed side

say there’s not enough time.

The stars in the sky remind me

of infinite time.

A pile of letters both written and received,


it’s simply been too much time…

What time is it?


More protest photos from the Newcastle Break Free 2016 event here.



19 thoughts on “What time is it?

    • No way! Really?! I have no idea if they are hard to come by, I just presumed they would be because ours has been in the family for so long. If you ever want to rid of yours, *ahem* you know where I am at 🙂


  1. A most poignant blog. Love your selection of bedside reading material! I too am reading (actually re-reading) ‘Quiet’ at the moment, interspersed with a book on plant intelligence!


  2. Having a look through your bedside reading. Who is the author of Photo Journalism? Any good?
    Those puppydog eyes must get to you every time.
    Take care


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