It’s a bit laugh, it’s a bit cry…

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Last Monday had me doing something I hadn’t done before. Not ever.

I was at home…by myself.

Sure of course I’d been home by myself before here and there, but not like this. Not with the two older kids in a new school and the smallest at preschool for the first time.

This was the first time in 10 years, I didn’t have a small person at home with me.

10 years.

The transition for all of them seemed to be ok so far, (how long as a mother do you hold your breath on that one, and say yep, I think it’s ok?) and I was looking forward to getting through a to-do list that was being added to in a disturbing fashion.

Then somewhere between the list onslaught, there sat a little lump in my throat. I wasn’t sure whether to chuckle at the newness of it all or let a big fat tear roll out.

New chapter right?

It’s a bit laugh, it’s a bit cry.


How about you, done anything new this week?

Did it involve lots of tea?

28 thoughts on “It’s a bit laugh, it’s a bit cry…

  1. Oh how beautiful, and bittersweet for sure … the very nature of new chapters I guess, sadness at something passed, mixed with anticipation for the future. I can just imagine the happy reunion at the end of the day with all the new stories to tell 🙂


  2. As a home schooling mother of 5, (7-24) I won’t lie and say I don’t think about a quiet family home with just myself to tend to and teach…. even just for a little while.
    Weep with joy and smile with passing for those of us where this feeling seems just soooo far away : )
    enjoy the transition


    • Hat’s off to you Narelle, and a huge hat too. Home schooling is an indeed an honourable path to take for your children. I know my limits, regardless of how wonderful I think it would be sometimes. So to you dear mama of 5!


  3. It was the same for me last week and I am 61. However I have just moved and my wonderful daughter came home to unpack me and settle me in to my new home (I have some movement and pain issues). In one way it was difficult to assume the role of the one being looked after, in another it was beautiful to see her home. We had food and wine together and lots of laughs. She chastised me for doing too much…..Oh what a blessing our children are Bridie…brings tears to the eyes right now. Enjoy your new found freedom. Marilyn


    • I remember when you told me you’d be making a similar transition Marilyn, I hope the move has been as smooth as possible and it doesn’t take too long to feel like your own nest again. Our children really are blessings and I’m truly tickled pink that I have three of them.


  4. I find I think I will get so much done as soon as school starts and then I look at the list and sigh – enjoy some time alone – am sure you will find some interesting projects – and hope the kids all have fun


  5. Oh wow! Welcome to your new phase in life! I have done something new actually and it seems strange now that I have done it but it was a really bad habbit of not finishing things. All my poor WIPs ! But I have made a break through! I have started to finish things and put myself out there and it really feels great – but I’m learning…it feels good. I even published my very first pattern recently. I actually can’t believe it. I finally have my blog up and running after so long of saying I’m doing it, I have done it!


  6. Oh I hear you Brydie. Change is in the air here too. Today is day one of our eldest catching a bus for a fairly long commute to a local school. Our youngest is still at home doing distance education with me. It all feels very strange and different and certainly a bit of laugh and a bit of cry. On-wards we march! x


    • That’s a huge change for you too Jane. How long is the commute each day? Is there a bus or do you have to drive? Can they utilise that travel time by reading or they get car/bus sick?…Lots of questions 🙂


      • I drive for 13 minutes to the bus which takes 1 hour to get to town and school. The whole process is repeated in the afternoon. It is early days but she will experiment with reading on the bus and see how it feels. Big changes but it actually feels good. I am trying to piece together a blog post about change and small moments and big moments x


  7. It is certainly a strange emotion at such points in life. It is the end of an era and those days will never come back again; and we grieve for that. Yet the future is exciting for the little ones and they only look forward, which is as it should be. My youngest daughter is about to leave home. So I am right there with you …


  8. Oh I know how you feel! I felt the same when Max went to kindy, although I still have one at home. It’s kind of an end of an era for you but also a start of a new one. Hopefully this means you are able to have a bit more time for your writing and photography.


    • I’ve always been a roll with it kind of gal Ms Narf, well in more recent years anyway. Love and embrace those moments as they are, because they will never be repeated again. It was kind of nice just to sit there with the emotion and prod at the corners a little bit.

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