Owning your shadow

light || Brydie Piaf

Hello. My name is Brydie. For all professional creative goodness endeavours I am Brydie Piaf.

For six years I’ve blogged in the very comfortable space of cityhippyfarmgirl.com

In the last couple of years I’ve written in the pages of Earth Garden Magazine and online for Milkwood. In 2015 I signed up for a photojournalism course. It was something I’d wanted to do yet, but had previously lacked the courage to jump in. Through lots of self doubt and multiple excuses I stumbled forward, ultimately finding myself standing in the classroom doorway, five minutes late for my first class. Breathless from powering up a big hill on my bike, and heart stoppingly nervous.

Nerves didn’t stop me though, I did it… and it rocked my world. Through doing the course, my mind exploded, the bubbles of excitement in my belly grew with each class and with it the onset of different possibilities.

A new perspective was shown, a new website was created and new ideas began to sprout. Things were evolving, as I slowly unravelled towards a direction that gave me delicious air to breathe.

Along with these sprouting  ideas, Brydie Piaf was created.

While cityhippyfarmgirl.com isn’t going anywhere, I still have a lot to say, recipes to share and good, good people to connect with. Posts however, will be taken back to once a week for a bit, until I find my new rhythm, (especially while sorting things out for my family in a new city) also juggling new directions as they emerge.

My other site Brydie Piaf will be entwined a little here, until I work out just how to combine the two websites properly. The pages are a little different, but then again maybe they’re not. It’s a direction that I’m deliciously excited about, and can happily say if I had never started blogging six years, I probably wouldn’t be in this position now.

Time to step up

Time to step into the name that you were given

Time to own your shadow


37 thoughts on “Owning your shadow

  1. Oh wow!!! I feel teary and tingly after reading this post Brydie. I have been struggling with this. As I think you already know, I am opening a little Etsy shop soon. The names for my shop that I wanted are either taken or are too long. That left me with one choice, to include my name in the name of my shop. I didn’t really want to. I struggled. I have slowly accepted it and I’ve been thinking about changing my blog and Instagram name……..but am I ready…..mmmmmm??? Thanks Brydie. I look forward to checking out your new site. Much love xo


    • Julie I think sometimes just jump in, don’t worry about being ready, just see what happens and tweak as you go. I know others will strongly disagree with that and that you should always have firm plans of the how what where beforehand, and I think that works for some people and others no. It’ll feel like a big plunge, but I reckon just get out there, own your shadow lovely.


  2. Brilliant professional website. My new favourite place. The Syrian refugee protest and Sydney People’s Climate Change particularly warms my heart. The scene outside of the bank reminds me of my city life – spare change, a light. Me asking for the latter! I look forward to following this new journey.


    • Yep the bank one was an important one for me Zena. Thank you so much for taking the time to go through them. It’s not a super slick site but it’s honest, and a starting place for stories to come I hope.
      (It’s funny to look back on the different chapters in our lives isn’t it.)


  3. Had a quick glance and it looks great! I will have a better look when I don’t have my two girls around me asking me to please go outside (the good kind of nagging lol). You know I am sincerely impressed by you. With ALL that you do but particularly photography! I admit to even being a little intimidated and jealous 😉 Can’t wait to see all the pictures and stories, on your site now and in the future. Much love, Irene


  4. coming from a viz arts background, everything I’ve ever done has been out there, name in (spot) lights…. so when the internet came along I struggled with folk having different names and multiple identities…. it seemed… wellllllll …. like they were hiding something? or faking it up? or didn’t really want to get to know folk in this new virtual world (or be known in return) — I got over my initial reluctance to interact with the great unnamed (as I really enjoyed much of their content and they seemed such true people — surely my radar for authenticity couldn’t be THAT far off? could it?) I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog bits here (especially when you’ve rocked though my itty bitty town…. what a hoot it is to see the familiar through someone else’s eyes) —- it will be interesting to see what happens next as you jump into your own skin and head out into the world xxxxxxx

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    • Thanks Ronnie and it’s really interesting to hear from your perspective of things. I’ve spent a long time not wanting my name associated with things on the internet…privacy, introverted, certainly don’t want my name and face up in bright lights kind of thing. It’s a funny old world this digital one that’s for sure.
      I’d love to come down to Cobargo again, it was a beautiful part of the world.


  5. Exciting times indeed Brydie.You know it really is an awesome name you have too……it’s what I call a ‘potentially famous’ name …so good to see it online.The photos are wonderful , you make photography an art and capture so much in a shot…..best wishes for new dreams and adventures.


  6. Outing yourself is apparently very cathartic. I checked out Brydie Piaf. She is very professional. Her blog is plain and straightforward and very self confident. I am a wee bit afraid from her Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. I am glad that you are, like Heimlich, emerging to be a “beautiful butterfly”. 2016 is going to be a big year of change for you and your family. Wear it with pride Ms C. You have earned it :).


  7. This is so exciting Brydie!! Ohhhh gosh, I’m so happy for you! Love the new site and its inextricable link with your view on the world, people and the narratives they create. You are immensely talented and I can’t wait to see where this endeavour takes you xx


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