The Viking ball game of Knattleikr


At the recent St Ives Medieval Faire, I had the good fortune to watch the no-holding-back Viking game of Knattleikr. It’s bats at the ready, ball in the air and go. So much fun.

(Aaaand, this is a new branch I’ve been playing with…my first vimeo feature for this space.)


11 thoughts on “The Viking ball game of Knattleikr

    • Something like that Ms Narf πŸ™‚ One small leather ball, which needs to be batted into the goals, to get it there though, any kind of rugby tackles seem to be absolutely fine…I think the rules are a bit hazy due to it being from so long ago. So much fun to watch.

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      • Sort of like roller derby on steroids methinks but that fence is the predominate item of possession that is being fought over fiercely by the Vikings. Even if they are modern day Vikings, the sense of “fierce” is strong in them young padawan.


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