The permaculture community of Atamai

There’s a word floating around my head at the moment that I can not seem to shake off. So I’m not trying to, and instead I’m embracing it. I’m going to hold on to that word, feed it, water it and shower it in all the love and attention that it requires of me.

Community… it’s important stuff, really important.

Enjoy this little video that gives a tiny glimpse into the wonderful community and permaculture village, of Atamai in New Zealand.

“I’m surrounded by people who know more than I do about things I want to know about…I spend my days learning…continually”

14 thoughts on “The permaculture community of Atamai

  1. Thanks for sharing this…I’m sitting here crying because everyday I’m getting stronger and stronger messages that the life I’m living isn’t the right one for me anymore. It’s scary. How I’d love to live in a community, in real life, I love my online community but I want real connection too. What wonderful people they appeared to be


    • Kate it’s really, really hard to live the life that you would like to as apposed to the one that you are. Not everyone is able to live like this community, it’s simply not achievable for many. BUT…I do believe you can achieve elements of it where ever you are in what ever situation you live in. If you had tears watching this little video I think you’ve got the courage to step out a little further into the community you’d like to be living in… I’m sure of it.


  2. Thank you for sharing the video. It is thought provoking….and makes me think that the way our big cities and the ever growing suburbs have been set up over the years does not encourage village life. Too bad people have to leave the area they know and family to be able to live in this type of environment. Why aren’t our suburbs set up as sustainable ‘villages’?


  3. Thanks for sharing Brydie. A very moving message (I especially loved the sweet part with the little girl picking the pear.) It seems that many eco-villages, communes, intentional communities, etc, never can really get their s*@t in gear, but Atamia sounds really solid.


    • I think a lot of the problems lie (here in Australia anyway) in damn paperwork. Years, and years can go by without any seemingly steps forward in intentional communities because of legislation. Committed hearts have to be involved if you are going to wait for ten years before things get the go ahead….and yet you can build a crap cheap house in six months. Where’s the logic?


  4. Learning and engaging and being “part of” and exploring the possibilities. Who wouldn’t want to be part of something alive and exciting like that. An endlessly evolving, constantly moving, functioning on SO many levels community of souls. Sounds wonderful :).


  5. An excellent example of the possibilites. I have always dreamed living in a community like this. Why isn’t there something like this in the Snowy Mountains? I think it much better than trying to do this on your own.


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