The Power of Introverts


This one is for all the introverts out there…(actually, and the extraverts.)

Coming from an introvert, these words were wonderful to my (sensitive) ears.

Quiet Revolution

13 thoughts on “The Power of Introverts

  1. Thanks for sharing. Fascinating. I heard her book is great. I am in the middle, but closer to introvert. Married to extrovert. Very interesting. 🙂


    • The local ABC radio recently was asking for all introverts to call in with their story. Damn funny, as evidently, introverts don’t call impulsively! Eventually they got one or two to call in after many hours, and another call out.
      Definitely nothing wrong with you either Julie, it’s quite amazing how our world has morphed into this noisy me, me society in which the quiet ones are made to think there is something wrong with them. That’s terrible, and yet I completely agree with you, too often we’re made to feel like it’s us that needs to change.
      Anyway…probably much more I could say on this one. Watch the TEDx talk and I hope you love it. x


  2. Her book was life-changing for me. All three in our household are introverts. ….and this book gave us permission to be ok about needing time to read, think and simply be. It’s also helped me as a parent – being able to tell Liv that being someone who sits back and watches is a good thing.


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