loving…clear thought and raw stories


Loving…. reading this book.

I regretted not buying it when I was in Hill End. I say there is no room for regrets. I bought it and it’s delicious. Every single word and picture.

Loving…. listening.

To people’s heartfelt honesty on the radio recently. The topic was how people remembered and stayed connected with loved ones after they had died. A single wooden spoon handed down through generations, wearing a mothers top on the anniversary of her death etc. Sobbing in the kitchen while cooking dinner, wasn’t quite what I expected.

Loving….Rough seas.

With sea spray on my face and hair flying wildly. It looked like a regular weekend visit to the beach. Except for the fact there was a big fat seal sun baking on the rocks.

Loving…. clear thought.

Those teeny tiny moments when your thoughts and ideas are completely clear, nothing else is being squashed in, no lists being checked off and the whole beautiful process is (momentarily) truly allowed to stretch its legs. (To some people this won’t make much sense, but to the handful it does? Yes.)


The past two weeks have been a little loco, so it’s been good to sit down and do this little post. What’s happening in your world at the moment, what are you loving?

[“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]

14 thoughts on “loving…clear thought and raw stories

  1. I just sliced up onions and put the pan reverently on Brunhilda’s mid winter, always hot, cooking plate. I have an idea. My idea is to freestyle breakfast today. Sunday is the day of rest. I plan on resting my mind and just letting creativity take the fore. I get the no lists. I am a list maker. I need lists as otherwise I go to the city in my trackpants and forget my wallet, but there is a delightful, and most delicious sense of release that comes from the possibility of a list free day, a day all to itself that can progress how it wants and allowing those tendrils of spontaneity to take us where they will.

    Working on my crochet custom anime piece still, Pinning gorgeous things and trying to procrastinate whilst working on my studies (is that actually procrastination or just grudging acceptance?!). I am just about to engage with one of my oldest friends (kindergarten mates) to create a website for her (I have to create a website for someone as part of my course). She is a graphic artist designing tattoos and making the most glorious and gorgeous handmade bears out of old fur coats she finds in thrift shops. I have to produce a phone app as part of my course this year as well. I have decided on an app that couples my love of plants with my hippy ethos and have come up with an app that should stir the cockles of most hipsters hearts. I will let you test it first for me Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. I reckon you will get it ;).

    And so my onions are at that point where I need to remove them but I am going to let them go a little bit further. I feel something exotic and dark and primal needs to be concocted today. Moroccan? Time to head to the spice cupboard and make up my mind. Whatever you do today, enjoy the heck out of it Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl 🙂


  2. I know exactly what you mean, Brydie. At the end of a week that was crammed full and bulging at the seams, today has been spent at home. A little bit of tidying, pancakes for breakfast, yoga, chai. Much needed.


  3. I do love it when I have a good book to read. I have just finished the last book in a series of nine and it’s left me quite bereft. Not sure what to do with myself now the series has finished xx


  4. Your posts are awesome, I really love that you inspire me to think of all the good things happening in my life. Thank you! It’s been tough lately to find the good things.

    The I am totally and absolutely in love with our puppy, Little Chef. I have found myself smiling and laughing and captivated by his antics. So innocent and pure. 🙂


  5. So get this….sitting in the quiet waiting for guests and all i hear is the fire crackling and the wind roaring up the chimney.Grateful for those unscheduled moments which really should be the most of our moments if only we would slow down to see and hear them.


  6. I’ve tried to write replies to a number of your posts, and for one reason or another they haven’t gone through (passwords not remembered, time lost etc etc etc!) so I am truly hoping this one does! Love love love who gives a crap! Love your clear and seemingly easy instructions for sourdough culture (this is the week I am committing to my culture relationship! It has only been on the I must do list for over 6months!!). Love your simple and honest blog. Thank you for sharing. Shonah 🙂


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