taking stock

domestic sunset || cityhippyfarmgirl

Sometimes you just need to pause a little moment, see what’s what and take stock, (thanks Pip.)

Making…. A crocheted black scarf/shawl thing that is possibly the slowest project I’ve done. Just finish it!!
Cooking…. Always.
Drinking…. Herbal teas, chai, kombucha, and spiced coffee
Reading….Β The Residue Years… have you read it? Incredible writing.
Wanting…. more time to read
Looking…. at dogs…I want a dog…or a cat…or maybe, both?
Playing…. music, loud
Deciding…. on what to cook for dinner, really does that ever stop?
Wishing…. on stars when they first come out. Hopefully I’ll get to 80 years old and still do this.

quince jelly || cityhippyfarmgirl

Enjoying…. road side bought quince jelly.
Waiting…. for my tiny potted garden to dry out a little before I plant anything again.
Liking…. the fact that it’s now school holidays
Wondering…. Cat or dog, no really? (Trying to ignore all the small people guinea pig pleas)
Loving…. lots of tiny moments
Pondering…. life
Considering…. making lemon curd, (I generally suck at it for some reason- got a favourite recipe for me?)
Buying…. Who Gives A Crap
Watching…. The light bounce around the sky at sunrise and sunset
Hoping…. something will happen and wondering what will instead if it doesn’t
Marvelling…. at strong intelligent women who aren’t afraid to do….just do.
Cringing…. At our Prime Minister. Every bloody word he utters.
Needing…. some think time
Questioning…. myself
Smelling… the inside of a cut into, cooled loaf of sourdough. That’ll never get old.
Wearing…. looped scarves
Following…. nearly 700 people on instagram, love it.
Noticing…. a single nasturtium
Knowing…. never enough, and hungry for more
Thinking…. about far flung places

nasturtium || cityhippyfarmgirl

Admiring…. soft wintry sunsets
Sorting…. clothing, (they grow like weeds they do)
Getting…. a second coffee, hey it’s Sunday why not
Bookmarking…. inspiring permaculture gardens
Coveting: raised vegetable gardens
Disliking…. cold coffee, (was the second cup ambitious?)
Opening…. and closing my book, with not enough reading in between
Giggling…. at the lines a 3 year old can come up with. Hilarious.
Feeling…. lucky
Snacking…. on raw almonds and dates
Helping…. when I think I can
Hearing: black cockatoos flying overhead in the early mornings and evenings. Such a beautiful sound. (Click here to hear it.)

32 thoughts on “taking stock

  1. Love your list Brydie! It’s funny……I’ve had most of today to myself…….and I was wandering around our back paddock thinking about ‘what is life’ and questioning myself and what I do. I didn’t find many answers, just more questions and lots of doubting myself.
    I do hope your dreams come true…..soon!!!!
    much love, Julie xo


  2. I always wished we had got a dog sooner instead of waiting until the girls were in high school – always would be a golden retriever of course…… and….. don’t get me started on the PM – what an embarrassment.


  3. That’s a mother of a list Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. It reminds me that I haven’t posted in ages and that sometimes anything is better than ‘nowt” as my old gran would have said. Loving school holidays and time to pick up a book I started in April and finishing it and having the luxury of the optimism of starting another one. Knowing that my three weeks are set aside for cramming what wouldn’t fit into my head in term into my protesting (book lovin’) noggin is pretty much the opposite of optimism but whatchagonnadoeh? Have you ever gotten a length of thin flexible plastic tubing and swung it around and around? It makes exactly the same sound as a black cocky singing πŸ™‚


    • Nope you haven’t posted in ages Ms Narf, and you’ve been missed! Maybe during those three weeks we (the readers) could have a nibble? A few words, a token sentence? πŸ™‚
      (and I did not know that about the plastic tubing thingy.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I sucked it up and posted. Life is short. We need to share our shorts. Cheers for the little prod in the right direction and I might pinch your “posting on Sundays” idea as that’s my least busy day. You are a very good guru Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. Where do I send the “good karma” cheque? πŸ˜‰


  4. What a cool post Brydie. I love it! Mind if I borrow your idea? Would be a fabulous way to encourage conversation with my social media peeps.

    You should totes get a puppy, our Little Chef (moodle) has been the most healing and wonderful addition to our family.

    And wearing, is a looped scarf a snood? If yes, I have been rocking those too.

    Old mate PM was at the Club for a function recently, the woman were tasked with escorting the high profile people to their chairs, no-one, and I mean no-one would walk Mr Abbott to his table. Seems he has us all cringing.

    Love what you are enjoying, I must make some.

    Happy week to you my friend. xo


    • Not my idea Anna, Pip Lincolne is the lovely crafter of this post format. It’s a good one isn’t it. She has a blank one for you to cut and paste if you do one, on her site.
      As for the PM, seriously…seriously!! It’s almost worth starting an entirely new politically slanted blog.
      (ps. Have a good week lovely Anna.)


  5. opening: your jar of chilli sauce at long last and gasping at how good it is!
    dipping: my finger into the jar and forcing everyone around me to taste it too.
    lemon curd should be a cinch!


  6. Wow! Where are you that you’re listening to black cockatoos?! We had some fly over our property a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time in 11years that we’ve seen them here. We were so excited that we tried to follow them. We’re in central Vic (and also cringing).


    • I’m in Sydney Linda and generally the black cockatoos appear for a month or two every six months or so (sometimes it’s a year in between.) They really are the most majestic birds, I adore them.


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