Shades of Autumn


 climbing boys, (Jack and the Beanstalk urban style)

calm within the morning chaos

chasing leaves

and ginger pear treats…

shades of autumn in her many ways.


 Autumn or Spring? Where are you at in the seasons and what have you been up to this week?  

17 thoughts on “Shades of Autumn

  1. We’ve just been chilling out after my big sydney week. I’ve bought a heater, a jaffle maker, a train track, and too many cookbooks… Autumn is definitely turning into winter in melbourne!


    • Surely that’s winter defining right there…jaffle maker, train set, heater and cookbooks. Sounds like a curling up on the couch reading cookbooks while the kiddos peacefully play with their train sets and nibble the cooling jaffles…well hopefully! 🙂


  2. Good morning Brydie. I love your little Jack and the Beanstalk! Oh those tiny loaves…yes please. Definitely autumn here, some cold, grey days, some sparkly, sunny days! I am cooking like a maniac, schooling and growing little bits of food. x


  3. I bloody love autumn, my boyfriend must get sick of me exclaiming how pretty the colours of the trees are every day. My theory is because I’m an autumn baby, I have some kind of affinity with it…whatever the reason, I love it!


  4. Gorgeous pear cakes. I gave my loaf pan/tray of loafish cakey things to my daughters because it kept sticking the cakes to it no matter how much I greased and floured it. Turns out it just didn’t like me as they haven’t had any troubles with it ;). I have some seriously scrumptious friand pans that those pear cakes would look fantastic in. Now I just have to find a way to coerce that recipe out of you 😉


  5. Usually I love autumn, but this year it feels to me like winter came early and I am a bit sulky about it. A late summer trip to the tropics will do that! When it is sunny I am out running with my girl in the bush; when it is cloudy and grey I stay home and bake. Today we made apple cake and apple muffins from the fruit we stripped from our trees last week. Perhaps my favourite day of autumn – harvest! Trying to find my own calm amidst the chaos. You seem remarkably adept at it. xx


    • Ahh, now remember that I have blog filters on, this space generally cancels out all of the chaos, the grubbiness, the dishes, the tantrums, the sleepy red eyes…well, you get the picture. (although, frequently found in the bottom of a tea cup as well- as pictured here 🙂


  6. Oh my! The big one looks like he’d be a fantastic rope climber too. I love these mini loaves you’ve been making, they are really special. Autumn daily life is all about tending to the fire and making stock and nourishing soups for the family.


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