Passata Day 2015

Passata Day || cityhippyfarmgirl

Last years Passata Day with Milkwood was a highlight for me, a big highlight. When the horizon was promising another gorgeous tomato infused day, well I was glad to get a chance to be there again.

Coming together as a community with a group of like minded souls. Wonderful conversations accompanying wonderful food…well this is a highlight of life surely. Simple living at it’s beautiful, delicious best.

  Trolleyd cocktails and mocktails using local, foraged, sustainable and organic goodness.

Passata… the making, the bottling

and importantly, the eating.

Passata Day 2015… you were delicious!

Passata Day || cityhippyfarmgirl

 For more Passata Day goodness check out Rachael’s stunning pictures here.

Organiser- Milkwood

Tomatoes- locally grown and organic

Cocktails- Trolley’d

Pasta- Pasta Emelia

Wine- Rosnay

Bread- Bread and Butter Project

Butter- Pepe Saya

22 thoughts on “Passata Day 2015

  1. What an awesome event, you must have had such fun! I had my own little passata day at home and processed about 30 kgs of tomatoes, I asked my86yr old Italian nonna neighbour for advice but she told me she’d never made it in her life! My faith in humanity was nearly crushed 🙂


  2. your posts, and others from Milkwood, always make this day look so fmuch fun. I’ve never tasted passata, (and I’m not a tomatoe fan), but you guys make me want to try it. I love the idea of a coming together of like minded people to play with and eat food and drink merrily – that’s real fellowship.


  3. I remember this from last year. I have a friend who has a massive kitchen and she makes passata sauce every year. The sauce she bottles lasts her right through the winter. I’m always really impressed, especially as she’s not even Italian! xx


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