Seasonal Eating and Earth Hour

It’s Autumn here and while I’m still waiting to feel any big seasonal shifts in the weather, there has been a slight change in what’s gracing my kitchen bench. Seasonal changes in our food are one of the things that get me really excited. I love having things in abundance, eat them in everything and just when I really don’t want to eat them any longer, the season changes and voila! A new vegetable to embrace.

Others who are also embracing all things food and farm related is Earth Hour this year. It’s on again this Saturday, and this time they are focusing in on farmers and how environmental changes are impacting Australian farmers and our food they grow. (They’ve also put out a cookbook to go along with it- with all proceeds going back to Earth Hour’s work.)

How about you? Are you doing anything particular for Earth Hour this year? Or enjoying eating any particular seasonal or local foods?


OOOOBY– a super easy way to get some seasonal goodness delivered to your doorstep if you live in Sydney. If you have been thinking about signing up but haven’t quite done it yet. OOOOBY is offering $15 off your first box if you type in CITYHIPPYFARMGIRL as a referral code. 

Earth Hour


An excellent local drop…Krinklewood

14 thoughts on “Seasonal Eating and Earth Hour

  1. Mmm. I love seasonal eating too. It’s still that funny in between time season wise, but my very favourite is our pomegranates off our tree – a bumper harvest!


      • I am waiting for our very first pomegranates to ripen on the tree I planted when we moved here. They look so pretty hanging on the tree – alas, also very tempting for small hands. I think a few are going to make it!


  2. I will be babysitting a friend’s kids for earth hour this year. Perhaps I will light a candle on their deck and mark the hour in silence. I am loving autumn and got two beds of winter veg planted this week. There is moisture in the soil at last! Still picking the odd tomato or two, and lots of pumpkins. xx


  3. I’m planning on putting a lot of energy into our veggie patch and am going to try and make it as productive as possible, so I’m excited about vegetables at the moment and the change in seasons!
    We’ve never done Earth Hour, I don’t know why. I guess I consider myself to be fairly environmentally friendly all year 🙂



  4. I am getting so much out of eating seasonal, organic and local produce. Not only does it taste better, but it seems to last sooooo much longer too. Not looking forward to the winter eats, but dont expect we have too much more in the way of warm days in the Berra. Sigh!
    I love Earth Hour, such a great initiative. 🙂


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