excellent reading and excellent tea

Earth Garden and PiP magazine || cityhippyfarmgirl

Tea break with Earth Garden and PiP magazine.

Tea breaks are short lived around these parts, so I make sure it’s worth it. Excellent reading and excellent tea. (Not telling the small people where I’m going to hide with said mags and tea also helps.)


What are you reading and drinking at the moment?

10 thoughts on “excellent reading and excellent tea

  1. Drinking Tetley’s, 2 teabags in a BIG mug (some might call it a soup mug but then some don’t quaff tea for survival’s sake…) and reading ‘you’ at the moment. I have Grassroots magazine to wade through and love the look of those 2 mags. Might have to check out the moth-eaten sock under the bed to see if it will stretch to a subscription or two…


    • That’s a great present to get Jess. I think magazine subscriptions are ace for presents as they keep giving long after the birthday has come and gone. Pip is an excellent read too, comes out twice a year.


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