Let’s do this 2015

2015 || cityhippyfarmgirl

A new day,

and a brand spanking new year.


Those numbers sound so, well, futuristic don’t they.


If I summed it up in one word,

I’d probably say- intense.

This year, I’d like it to be a little less intense and lot more,

well, connected would be lovely (pretty please.)

Yep, that sounds good.

A connected year to come,

let’s do this 2015.


How about you? Any hopes, plans, words for the new year?

32 thoughts on “Let’s do this 2015

  1. Happiest of New Years to you Brydie. Thanks for supplying us with a year of lovely reading and viewing! I plan to try wood carving in 2015. And now that I have announced it, I shall have to do it!


  2. Happy New Year to you Brydie and warm wishes for a gentle 2015. We could use a bit of that ourselves after a rather intense finish to 2015 involving too many ambulances and hospitals to bear thinking about. xx


  3. Happy New Year Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl. 2015 will bring whatever it wants to the party, it’s up to us to take what we will, to live it to the fullest, to find beauty in the small things, to cuddle more, to speak less, to listen more, to “see” everything we can and to allow this year, this small life that we are given, this magnificent chance to invest ourselves in our own little peculiar environment to colour us with its magnificent dyes of happiness, and set those colours with a little pinch of salt. Life is so very good Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl and aren’t we just the luckiest ones to be living right here, right now? 🙂


    • Ms Narf, you are like my own little stress ball. Just reading your words lets me exhale just a little deeper and sigh a little more restfully. Thank you for your thoughts and words this last year. Community is such a wonderful part of this amazing blogging journey and I love that you jumped into mine. Tea for two, any time you want lady.


      • Next time I am in your neck of the woods I will hold you to that Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl but don’t hold your breath as I quite like Tassie and I quite dislike flying ;). I think 2015 is going to be amazing and can’t wait to start exploring it 🙂


  4. Happy New Year! Connected sounds like a wonderful word for ever! Thank you for your inspirational thoughts and photo’s, stories of encouragement and lessons learnt. You may not know it, but your regular posts bring inspiration to my life, and encourage me to be more conscious and mindful. I have taking more inspiration from you and posted my 6 important words for 2015. Heartfelt thanks to you.


  5. Here’s cheers to being more connected Brydie! I am hoping to get my travel on this year, would love to find me a someone special to share the journey with too. Although, I don’t suppose that is something we can plan huh?! Happy New Year lovely lady! xx


  6. Intense. You said it. You nailed it. It’s been the hardest, most sleep deprived, yet joyous affair ever. We are hoping for a calmer 2015… More mama alone time. Sigh. But as I’m typing I can hear 2015 laughing in my face. This year will probably feel much like herding cats feels like.


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