loving… doors, dinosaurs, biscuits and coffee

secret door ways || cityhippyfarmgirl


secret leafy doorways that lead into secret leafy walled gardens. (If you never read The Secret Garden as a child, you really should get it from local library. The magic of gardens should never be underestimated.)

good coffee || cityhippyfarmgirlLoving…

coffee dates with friends. Just like leafy gardens, the magic of coffee should also never be underestimated. anzac biscuits || cityhippyfarmgirl


a baking rack full of cooling Anzac Biscuits on wintry afternoons.

dinosaurs at dusk || cityhippyfarmgirl Loving…

Playing with dinosaurs at dusk, because really, how could you not love that?


What have you been loving?

[“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE]




34 thoughts on “loving… doors, dinosaurs, biscuits and coffee

  1. It makes such a difference to make a note of the good things doesn’t it? I love the secret garden, and in fact, along with Anne of Green Gables and Little Women, it is a book that I revisit as an adult. And as for coffee…I just never get sick of it. I mostly make my own, a single espresso in the morning – but I love to get a beautiful coffee out too 🙂 I live this post, it made me happy 🙂


    • I like grinding my own too Sara. There is something about the whole process of grinding, brewing, drinking which I particularly like. Saying that, coffee out is always wonderful too…yep, I do like coffee!


  2. Lovely little pleasures, Brydie. We just had the best morning eat pancakes and playing with dinosaurs on our kitchen table. Secret gardens (and the book!) are just magical no matter what age:)


  3. Gorgeous Brydie! When I was studying to be a horticulturalist years ago, we had to visit heaps of gardens and I used to get a shiver down my spine when I saw an arch or door because I knew it would be the entrance into a different “room” (or world) in the garden. I usually wasn’t disappointed x


    • Gosh you are right. If there is an arch in a garden somewhere, I’m not sure I’ve ever been disappointed either. It’s like if they have gone to the effort of creating an arch, than there is no way they would just stop there. Hooray for secret gardens I say 🙂


  4. I just smiled to myself that Sylvia is 5 and has gone through her Secret Garden phase – she loved a kid’s version of the book a year or two ago – must hunt it out for her again and maybe she is soon ready for the long version. Love the doorway – so full of mystery and promise. We also made anzacs recently – I was going to buy us bikkies and it seemed cheaper and nicer to make them at home so we went home and baked. Love baking at this time of year – so cosy


  5. I do love The Secret Garden, but I tried to read it to my eldest boy a bit too early. Turns out your parents dying of cholera and leaving you all alone in the world is a pretty scary concept for a four year old! We revisited it as an audiobook a couple of years later.
    As for the coffee…we have been grinding our own ever since you put that photo of your nifty little Porlex grinder on your blog last December and I bought one for Grant for Christmas. Such a lovely ritual. We just took our grinder on a road trip up to the Gasgoyne and it was such a treat to have a freshly brewed cup beneath the big desert sky. Thanks Brydie! xx


    • It is such a lovely ritual isn’t and I’m really pleased you have been so happy with it. We use ours all the time and take it away any time we go as well. Too easy not to. Years and years ago I was so close to buying a big fancy coffee machine thingy. Jeez, so glad we didn’t and I still chuckle at how different my “wants” are these days. Certainly doesn’t include a big fancy coffee machine that’s for sure.


  6. You could combine the lot Ms Cityhippyfarmgirl and make coffee dinosaur biscuits and shut the kitchen door so that you could enjoy them with a cuppa. No need to thank me, my job here…is done! 🙂


  7. Secret gardens (any leafy gardens will do me really, but secret ones are even better!) and good coffee do wonders for me too 🙂 And isn’t it amazing that some people *haven’t* read The Secret Garden? I feel for them and hope they can rectify their loss!


  8. I love doors – whether they’re set into walls with a secret garden hidden behind or just an old bashed door to a house. You just never know what’s behind. Probably not much, but that’s not the point. Just loving sunny days here at the moment.


  9. Oh the secret garden looks amazing, I love that book too, soooo much. Not gonna lie… Twas the dinosaur that drew me in, went to the dino museum last month, it was epic. 🙂 Lately Ive been loving basil tea, my herb garden is going surprisingly strong in the below degrees, also loving how easily accessible truffles are, and the way restaurants are working it into most dishes at the mo. Im loving that I have a toasty warm house to get better in & that I can adventure around the world to visit all my fav bloggers. Hope you are having a great week so far. Cheers, Anna


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