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the blur || cityhippyfarmgirl

Sometimes it takes me a while to figure things out. For other people, I can be a whole lot quicker but when it comes to me, yes, things can be a little snail paced round here.

Three weeks it took to finally come to the realisation, I kind of just had to stop. Stop trying so hard, say no and just go with the flow. Three weeks. It can feel like a really long time when you are grumpy, frustrated, run down and your eyes are blurry.

Things have been all a blur, as over the last few weeks I’ve had a little eye trouble. Nothing major but affecting my every day, yes indeed. And annoyingly so. For the past three weeks, my world has looked on and off like this.

blur || cityhippyfarmgirl

sourdough || cityhippyfarmgirl

Now today, finally it’s almost back to this. It seems kind of fitting that along with clarity of vision comes clarity of thought.

I’d been trying to hard to continue on with ‘normal’ days (whatever they are) and getting more and frustrated when I really wasn’t up for normal days. My motto in life is generally just go with the flow and it seems I wasn’t going with the flow at all. I was still clinging on to the things I wanted to be doing rather than really listening to myself and actually just stopping- doing what needed to be done instead.

Seriously what a revelation that was. I felt like a bit of a silly bugger on one hand and on the other hand I was quietly high fiving myself for finally realising what I needed to do.

How about you? How are you seeing things lately both figuratively and literally?


Now not seeing properly is incredibly hard after seeing perfectly well for the past number of years. My problem while annoying isn’t catastrophic though, and is slowly getting better.

Living with the blur over the past few weeks, made me think though about so many people that don’t get to have the same outcome that I do. Glaucoma (which I will just briefly clarify, I do not have) is a relatively easy procedure to have fixed, and yet so many people will struggle with it in their day to life due to lack of ability to get proper care.

Four out of five people who are blind in the developing world don’t need to be. A donation of the really quite small amount of $25 can restore sight, as the blindness is often treatable or preventable.

That’s pretty damn amazing really.

Fred Hollows Foundation


24 thoughts on “the blur

  1. Well done Brydie for listening to your body. I think we all struggle with this from time to time. If we look after ourselves though, we then have the energy to look after our family. Hope your eyes are OK. I’m looking forward to reading your article in the new Earth Garden mag. Hopefully today. xxoo


    • You are very right Julie, and thank you, and I’m really hoping the old eyes have finally turned a corner.
      Now your mag should be with you I would have thought??… I hope it’s today as well for you.


  2. I sometimes get a kaleidoscope type vision in my eyes and can barely see for a short while. I put it down to stress as there doesn’t seem to be any other explanation. Hope your eye condition improves for you…


    • Tania I used to get “Kaleidoscope Eye” all the time! And it was the same, when I was stressed or numbingly tired for an extended period. No one else understood my term, and here you are with the same term 🙂


  3. Good on you for listening to your body.

    Glad to see the link to Fred Hollows organisation, I give to it regularly. I do have glaucoma, I was diagnosed at 44, one eye has been operated on and the other is fine with drops.


    • It’s a pretty amazing organisation Rose. It blows me away the impact of a relatively small operation or continued care that can give eye sight back… Eyes, I really quite like them I’ve discovered.


  4. That’s not good at all! Glad to hear you are sorting this issue out. Bit concerned actually. I suffer from depression and often get to a very blurry stage before realising I need to stop and focus on myself instead of trying to push through family responsibilites and commitments. I’ve donated once before when I saw the ad on tv. That ad always makes me cry with joy.


    • It’s so hard coming to that realisation isn’t it Zena. Especially being a mama to little ones…there is always someone/ something else that needs your attention. The eyes are getting there, although slower than I would like. xx


  5. With you on the “blur” my own blur seems to be seeing things far away…when did THAT happen? The blur of taking on winter and relinquishing autumn and knowing that its going to be a while till the sun gives us warmth again can bring about a blur of it’s own. Hopefully your blur is blending in with the surroundings and your mojo returned along with your sense of purpose and your honing of your days. Hugs from frigid Sidmouth where it is 1C (heatwave!) at the moment 🙂


    • 1C is a little cooler than our 16C or so. I’m a little envious of the real winter you have though.
      Also, I love that line you said… ‘relinquishing autumn’. I have reluctance with that one every year.


  6. I’m so sorry to hear of your eye trouble. One year ago my eyes started failing me and I now need eye glasses. I’m still cross about it! Needing to wear glasses is such a bother and I spend so much time either looking for them or cleaning them. I do hope your eyesight has recovered and is back to normal. Yes, for such a small amount of money, those in the developing world can see again. With so much wealth in the West, there really is no excuse for those in developing nations to have to be blind xx


  7. Do you know what it was Brydie? Eye issues are horrible. I had some increased blurriness and eye pain a few months ago and it freaked me out (as it dawned on me just how much I rely on my eyes) but after seeing the optometrist there was absolutely nothing wrong. It cleared up by itself and I do think it was the impact of stress and exhaustion. Strangely, I’ve seen a few blog posts from friends with health issues recently. it’s really made me think about the vulnerability of humanity in general and the fact that we have to be SO grateful for times in life when we have a healthy body and mind. I am glad that your eyes are now much better, I hope that the issue is now gone for good. Sending you hugs and my wholehearted support in regards to supporting organisations that exist to make a difference. The Fred Hollows Foundation is an inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing this snapshot of life with us xx


  8. Oh Im exactly the same when it comes to making a decision about stopping to recoup, good thing you are able too actually to take the time you need right. I do hope things are on the mend. Take care. 🙂


  9. I have a similar and occasional affliction. It’s a bit like trying to look at the world through the bevelled edges of a mirror. In my case it lasts usually no longer than a couple of hours. I was told it was ocular migraine. It doesn’t hurt, but it does make life rather difficult when it occurs. Hope you are seeing the world more clearly now x


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