loving… the mountain air

mountains || cityhippyfarmgirl

rock collecting || cityhippyfarmgirl

lookout || cityhippyfarmgirl

moss || cityhippyfarmgirlLoving the slower, so much slower,

no time, no places to be

just us

and some mountains.

Loving those beautiful, deliciously cold mountains.

Time to take in the air,

take in the view,

the vivid blues, the rushing waters.

Loving stopping,

and breathing, really breathing.

Loving cold air on pink cheeks,

and warm hands stuffed into pockets.

Rocks stuffed into pockets too,

loving the fact that every, tiny thing is so amazing to those little hands.

Contentment is a vast collection of rocks. In pockets.

Loving the slower, oh so much slower.

The mountains,

you were good to us,

and I’m loving that.

snowy mountains || cityhippyfarmgirlย ***********

I’m also loving that I was nominated in the top 100 bloggers for Kidspot 2014ย this week, (or top 30 for the Personal and Parenting category). Really, really, happy and excited… thank you people!)

26 thoughts on “loving… the mountain air

    • My favourite time of year Zena. So much wildlife in the area, (and am thankful in all the bushwalking we did, there was no snakes. Sleeeeeep, slithery ones, sleeeeeep.) We are already planning when to go back, as it’s just so gorgeous there.
      (and thank you!)


  1. Missing Australia terribly. But your pictures remind me of the Scottish Highlands, crispy spring walks along Dornoch beach or up through Falls of Shin.Thank you.


  2. Brydie, HUGE congratulations on your nomination. So excited to spot your name on the list! Lovely post and photos, as always. The black & white gnarly tree photo is dramatic and beautiful. xx


  3. Congrats on being included in the Top 30 list – when so many bloggers were in the running, it’s all credit to you that you made it into such a select group. I love all your images xx


  4. Mygodness, I’m being tugged. We’re wondering when we’ll be able to go to Australia. We’re saving, slolwy, slowly. I can’t wait. I feel a pull, like Australia has been waiting for me all my life, waiting to show me what I’ve been missing, what could be my, our dwelling.


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