the bread that I had to try

apple sourdough bread || cityhippyfarmgirl


There is quite a lot to love about it isn’t there. The textures, the creations, the science of it, the…eating. Rather a lot to love about the eating part of it. Sourdough for me, sits pretty firmly up top of the figurative ‘baking love list.’ Love the taste, the flexibility of it and the fact that not one of my loaves ever seem to be the same. Ever.

I saw this little loaf of doughy goodness recently on another blog and fell in love. I wanted in on that, yes indeed. It looked fancy and fiddly and it wasn’t, and I LOVE that. Let’s give it a crack.

apple bread || cityhippyfarmgirl

And so I did. And I loved it, we loved it.

I loved the effect, they loved the eating part.

Yep, very pretty Mama, now lets eat!

cheese and salami bread || cityhippyfarmgirl

sourdough bread || cityhippyfarmgirl

Notes from the kitchen-

-This recipe isn’t really a recipe, it was simply playing, and a lovely excuse to try this new method from Living a Little Greener.

– I also used water kefir as my liquid when making up my dough as it needed using, but please use an everyday bread recipe if that’s more accessible to you. The visual results will still be the same.

– Sweet or savoury (one apple and one salami/cheese) this method gets 10/10 for me. Easy to cut up and pop into lunch boxes.

– As Bruise Mouse states, roll it out on the tray or paper you are baking on, I forgot the first time and it was a little nerve wracking moving it.

* Basic Sourdough Recipe here

* Basic Yeasted Bread recipe here.

Water Kefir Filled Loaf

400g starter

1 tsp yeast

150g softened butter

750g flour

600mls water kefir

3 tsp salt

Make it and bake it.

Baked at 220C until golden.

22 thoughts on “the bread that I had to try

  1. WOW! Yours looks amazing.
    I love how this style looks really complicated but is actually quite easy (as long as you remember to roll it on the baking paper). It is such a great effect.
    I really must get the sourdough up and running properly. This 38 degree day isn’t really inspiring me.
    Take care.


  2. Perfect looking loaf! An apple and cinnamon one for me, please. I always have whey on hand from making my own cottage cheese, so I use that in my bread recipes instead of milk.


  3. Just wading through the swamp that is 522 ignored RSS Feed Reads (ALL of them precious of course πŸ˜‰ ) and just found this…

    I have made non-dairy kefir bread before in conjunction with Joanna from Zeb Bakes but using water kefir would be almost like Carl’s use of booch methinks. How amazing that we can bypass sourdough and use existing cultures to give us what we need. I am going to try this on a pizza crust this weekend. I don’t have water kefir but will try using booch instead. Hopefully I don’t blow up Northern Tasmania…wish me luck! πŸ˜‰


  4. Yum to sweet and savoury flavours. Such pretty looking bread too with a surprise inside. Good idea to use Kefir water, that would be very nourishing. I am thinking that it is left over from making kefir yoghurt and you put it too good use.


    • Hi Zena- it’s actually from water kefir grains, which is a little different to the milk ones. The water kefir grains live off a sugar water, but reproduce in a similar fashion to the milk ones, (a bit easier I think though- in that they are more adaptable and don’t need the lactose.)


  5. Love this idea. I have done a sweet apple loaf before …but it is always tricky finding a savoury item to put in lunch boxes. This looks like just the thing for teenage lunch boxes where ‘being cool’ is always the priority.


  6. That is a beauty of a loaf, love your photos, such a treat always to visit your blog and see what you have been baking. Is water kefir similar to kombucha do you think? I have just read a great post by a friend in Wales about using home fermented kombucha to raise a sourdough, and I have the kombucha scoby in hibernation waiting for the summer again πŸ™‚


    • ah the beauty of the internet, Ms Narf linked that post to me, but am still yet to read it.
      Water kefir is pretty much the same as your milk kefir. The grains look similar, although the difference is milk feeds off the lactose and the water feeds of sugar. Mine still haven’t got to a super happy state of growing yet, but am hoping! I’ve also got a kombucha scoby in the darkened corners of the fridge, but still haven’t played with it though. With all the other fermenting things going on, that poor little slimy creature has had to take a back seat (shelf).


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