Blueberry Cake and how did two happen?

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There is a little lump in my throat this week,

she turned two, and I’m not sure how that happened.

Feels like nothing since I birthed that baby bundle in a pool by the dining table windows-

I still think of the afternoon light and the peaceful way she swam into this world.

Turning two meant there was birthday cake with her favourite, favourite “blues”.

She helped me make it, but we had to be quick-

one blueberry in the mouth and one for the cake.

There was a doll- the most beautiful doll you ever did see.

And after that, she will be two and one day, then two days and so it continues,


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A Little Vintage Store, is where the lovely doll is from. Beautifully handmade by Jennie in Brisbane, Australia- I’m in awe I really am. Love, love, love that this birthday present didn’t come from a department store with a ‘made in china’ tag.

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Blueberry CakeΒ 

300g softened butter

300g sugar

4 tsp vanilla

zest of one lemon

4 beaten eggs

600gΒ self raising flour

125mls milk

approximately 300g blueberries or enough to cover the cake surface

Cream the butter and sugar together, add vanilla, eggs, lemon zest and milk. Then fold through flour. Into a greased and lined tin and arrange blueberries.

Bake until golden at 180C.

(Depending on your cake tin size, this recipes bake time will differ. Cooked as I did, it took forever (23cm)- but I wanted it tall. Baking it in a much wider cake tin will ensure a shorter cook time…or half the recipe, (but where’s the fun in that.)

40 thoughts on “Blueberry Cake and how did two happen?

  1. Gorgeous Brydie! I can completely relate to feeling that these years whistle by way too quickly! My eldest has just started at High School this year and it feels like yesterday he was showing up for his first day of Primary School. I hope your little girl had a wonderful day to celebrate! Such a beautiful age… though aren’t they all… πŸ™‚


  2. It’s incredible how quickly time flies and I know this from experience because I now have a 21-year old son and my baby just turned nine! We’re celebrating his birthday this evening with a home-cooked dinner with all three children present (a rare thing these days) and my parents. I love how your gorgeous girl helped you make this beautiful cake that I’m sure sent a beautiful aroma through your home. And the doll is precious! xx


  3. The cake looks wonderful and delicious. Handmade is so much better I think. Happy birthday to your little one. She’s very lucky to have a mum like you. Best wishes! πŸ™‚


  4. Happy birthday little 2-year-old! Those 2 years have gone terrifyingly fast, but I’m sure they are filled with many wonderful moments, and that the next 2 years (and beyond) will bring many more. I don’t think you could have chosen a better doll, or a better cake, for the occasion. Reading the comment above, I love the “Lady” name too πŸ˜‰


  5. Bless her cute little hand! So lucky to get such a beautifully hand made and one of kind doll. Girls always remember their favourite dolls from childhood; some lucky to still have them later in life. Perfect cake!


  6. A blueberry cake fit for the queen or a little Princess indeed. Her new dolly/mate is wonderful and I can see years of huddled conversation and whispered secrets shared between the two of them. Don’t sweat the years flying by because tiny hands become bigger and eventually fly the coop but then they come back to share endless cups of tea, bread baking, cake collation and family communion that often involves more children that you can hand back after spoiling thoroughly and you can watch your baby give her own baby a beautiful doll πŸ™‚


  7. Happy Birthday to your baby girl so big now already! – it really does seem like time flies – I can hear the sadness but more importantly feel the love in your words and photos, sending a big hug to you all xx


  8. Loving that she got a “healthy” birthday cake – my little babe had chocolate beet cake for her first. She also loves her berries. And does that doll have flowered Wellies on? Too cute! And I also very much like that it was not made in China.


  9. Birthday Blues! So gorgeous Brydie. Awww that little chubby hand… 2-year old’s hands are just the best; so spongy and pudgy and edible! Can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE that doll, with her neckerchief, boots and funky dress. Divine. My first doll was home-made too, and I’ve never forgotten it.
    PS. Lovely, lovely cake. Wouldn’t mind a slice right about now.


    • It’s the cutest little thing isn’t. We are so lucky to live in this digital age, in that we are exposed to so many artists and creative people. Buying a plastic Disney doll from a department store…yep, no need, and I love that.


  10. Happy birthday to your little one – Sylvia’s birthday when she was 2 was all about blueberry decorations and now it is all about lollies – I don’t know how that happened – love the doll – hope she gets lots of cuddles (hope they both get lots of cuddles actually)


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