this is the sound of summer

cicada- cityhippyfarmgirl

paddle pop- cityhippyfarmgirl this is the sound of summer

with the shrill drone of cicadas

the slurp of a first chocolate paddle pop

the quiet lap of the sea on bare toes

the soft hum of fingers strumming the ukelele

cricket bats have been whacked

soccer balls have been booted

bare feet have known the prickle of the bindi and small spiky sticks in the park

the same feet that bounce from side to side on the hot tar of the carpark, on the way down to the beach

the sound of a soft ahh, as they hit the sand and excitedly splash through the water

this is the sound of summer

grass- cityhippyfarmgirl

17 thoughts on “this is the sound of summer

  1. The soft ‘ahh’ as hot feet hit the water is gold!

    Here we are listening to the screeching of cockatoos at dawn and dusk and the endless drone of ride on lawnmowers!

    My youngest loves soccer! She is in the middle of her first season of all girl team in amongst the boys. 🙂


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