things to remember

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When it’s not a rainbows and unicorns kind of day,

take a big breath and then slowly exhale

take the kids to the park

climb trees

sit in the grass, ground yourself

slowly crochet, slowly

smile at the wobbly teeth, and then at the gaps that followed

love the fact that the water draws her in

laugh in that tiny moment, because it was there, and it felt good

exhale slowly and remember

there will always be tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “things to remember

  1. As someone whose children (two of them) are now approaching independence and adulthood, I can totally appreciate the images you take of your children. How you captivate them is just so stunning, Brydie and I only wish I’d taken something similar of my children. They do grow up ever so quickly xx


  2. Some days suck. Its the nature of the beast, but when they pass you get that amazing chance to have a fantastic day…the contrast gives it the edge. Note to self…”buy more wool for when it sucks”…I tend to read on sucky days. A great way to emerge out of the other side enriched and filled with possibilities. Some days you need a paper bag to breathe. I think the race to the Christmas finish line has most of us hyperventilating at the moment. Good to see bloggers posting messages of calm 🙂


  3. Great words for me this week Brydie. We are in the middle of a crazy end of school week; swimming lessons, presentation afternoons, orientations, secret santas and the list goes on. I will remember to exhale occasionally!


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