little grubby hands

new kitchenware that makes me feel very adult like- oh to have size options

bottle brush, flowering everywhere at the moment

strawberries, and lots of them

14 thoughts on “red

  1. Those dear little grubby hands are getting bigger and less baby-like – it’s amazing how quickly they grow up! I love her ladybird top x


  2. I love those red-rimmed enamel dishes!! I’ve just stopped over at Odgers and McClelland’s website (thanks for the link, Brydie!), so glad that they do online shopping… I will have to restrain myself! Love this post. Red is such a beautifully vibrant colour. We’ve got lots of bottlebrush flowering over here at the moment too. Signs of the summer to come 🙂


  3. I love your stream of consciousness posts Brydie. So lovely to read and look at with my morning coffee. Isn’t the bottlebrush gorgeous at the moment! The streets near my work are lined with them – kudos to the council who decided on those, instead of the usual ornamental plum trees. Those dishes look just gorgeous, as does your daughter’s ladybird top!


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