city goodbyes

cityhippyfarmgirl cityhippyfarmgirl

Having to say goodbye to a dear friend is terrible,

but saying goodbye with a bunch of fabulous people and a touch of city style helps a little.

You are going to be missed terribly dear girl, you and all your wonderful family. Your new country is going to love you.

8 thoughts on “city goodbyes

  1. Lovely friends, lovely city, lovely life … One of the many wonderful things about your blog is that it is full of snap shots of your life in your part of the city, making big distances seem that little bit closer 🙂


  2. That’s the fantastic thing about social media, now you are just a click or an email away where not too long ago, a friend going overseas was “Goodbye” and finito. Glad you sent her off in style 🙂


  3. Saying good bye is always hard. I’m glad you did it in a way that keeps happy memories! I have a couple of friends that don’t want to say goodbye- so they didn’t- they just disappeared! I like your way MUCH better.


  4. google hangouts!!!
    my sister and I regularly drop in to each others houses on the weekend for a coffee and a chat her kids popping in and out to say hello as well.
    The fact that I live in Melbourne and she is in Adelaide doesnt stop us.
    Honestly we carry our laptops around the house following each other as we go about our weekend rituals of hanging out washing, doing the dishes, baking even watching movies!
    Our visits can last a couple of hours it feels like we have had a visit in person. 🙂


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