Corn and Ricotta Fritters- Frugal Friday

corn ricotta fritters

Warmer days and salads are calling. Although I didn’t want just a plate of salad…a little something of the side perhaps? I asked if anyone would like to help me cook. When six hands shoot to the sky, (yes, they are so enthusiastic to get in there they shoot both hands up) and there is a stampede of shoving and nudging to get to the “standing chair” in the kitchen chair. Well I know they are enthusiastic.

School holiday cooking that’s simple, and speaks quietly of warm weather and lazy days.

For the baked and not fried versions see here.

corn ricotta fritters

Corn and Ricotta Fritters

1 can corn (420g)

2 beaten eggs

300g ricotta

a couple of shallots finely sliced

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp coriander

75g s/r flour (1/2 cup)

salt to taste

Cook up small amounts in a frying pan, (I cook these in a ceramic frying pan without the use of oil.)


12 thoughts on “Corn and Ricotta Fritters- Frugal Friday

  1. I love how your three children are all so enthusiastic about being in the kitchen – such a great way to learn. These are lovely looking fritters and it’s great that you can cook them without the use of oil xx


  2. These look ace Brydie. The ricotta sounds like a lovely inclusion. I can imagine it would make the fritters lovely and light. We’re loving school holiday cooking too. Our 9 year old is almost earning his keep nowadays – scrambled eggs completely unassisted yesterday. Almost at the point where I can stay in bed and wait for breakfast.


  3. what a lovely image you paint brydie of your three..i can just imagine your little one enthusiastically putting her hands up and copying her brothers..

    your fritters sound delicious and always..happy holidays..x


  4. Yum – what an eager bunch of helpers you have there! Your recipe has just reminded me about my corn, zucchini and haloumi recipe that I meant to blog about but haven’t! It was feature recipe in my last cooking column and has caused a bit of a storm. Better make that my next post; but it’ll be definitely missing the ‘touch’ of eager kidlets. Mariana x


  5. Your six hands up make me lonely for my little helpers that aren’t so little anymore. Those fritters sound delicious, though, Brydie, and delicious things always make me feel better. Pinning on my Recipes to Try board. I vowed to my husband just the other day to stop neglecting corn as a side option! Here it can be in the spotlight. 🙂


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