Strawberry Season


strawberry crumble


I had plans of pie. Strawberry pie. It sounded good and I had it laid out in my head. I certainly had the strawberries, but on finding myself in the kitchen…well just quietly, I couldn’t be bothered.

Crumble sounded like a simpler option, and that it was. It took ten minutes to pull together and about 20 minutes in the oven. Easy? You betcha, and at two minutes thirty five to be eaten? Well that was also an easy one.

Strawberry Crumble

100g melted butter

1 tsp vanilla

zest of a lemon

75g raw sugar

75g almond meal

150g self raising flour

hulled, washed and roughly chopped strawberries

Strawberries into an oven proof dish. Mix all of your remaining ingredients together and spoon mixture on top. Into an oven at 180C for about 20 or so minutes or until golden.

29 thoughts on “Strawberry Season

  1. I love the fact that your recipe is so gorgeously simple. Three sentences = done! I bought two punnets of strawberries yesterday and now I know exactly what to do with them 🙂 Love the addition of the lemon and almond meal xx


  2. I love this time of year for berries. The kiddoes will devour punnets of them before I have time to do much exciting with them. Luckily I managed to keep some aside to decorate the sponge cake. x


  3. Perfect timing Brydie. Strawberries were $1 a punnet at the market a couple of days ago, and I’m embarrassed to admit I bought SIX punnets. The boys are getting mightily sick of strawberry smoothies. I love crumble and have never actually made a strawberry one! I plan to rectify that TONIGHT!


  4. I’m not sure how I am feeling seeing all these spring inspired postings from my friends in Australia. It makes it even more real that we are going into Autumn over here!

    We had a huge glut of tomatoes a couple of weeks ago but didn’t have the time (or equipment) to make chutney. I geared myself up for this weekend and now we don’t have boxes piled up in the shops at super low prices. There is always next year….


  5. Strawberry crumble yummy!!!
    I will give this one a go for sure. I make up a big batch of crumble topping in one go and freeze it in a ziplock bag. Then I have crumble ready for any night without the extra dishes.

    Another dish that comes to mind when I see these delicious strawberries is frozen fruit cream. Freeze the fruit and then when frozen whizz them up in a blender to make faux icecream. If you add it with frozen banana its more like icecream if you just use berries its more like gelato.

    Ahhh I can see and smell spring and summer is right round the corner!


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