No witty words, no speaking of wisdom.

No pieces of insight, no moments of truth.

When scrambled thoughts, half formed ideas and disconnected sentences are the only thing on offer, it’s probably time to consciously reconnect.

Fingers to stroke potted plants, bottoms to sit on this precious earth, toes to sink into crunching sand, while shoes lay discarded on the side.


8 thoughts on “reconnecting

  1. I always walk on the beach too at such times. It’s a good thing to actually feel the need to do that reconnection with the earth, sadly I think some people don’t feel that need and that loss of feeling is sad. Go forth and crunch in the sand. 🙂


  2. there’s something about sand, sea and soil that’s restorative and healing..the smell of the sea alone is a the way i love those two tone leather shoes..very cool!


  3. Hello lovely Brydie. I’ve been thinking of you. Your words in this Post really spoke to me and I’ve been thinking of them ever since. I’m thinking I need to do the same. Hope you are enjoying the time out. Mel x


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