Beer, cheese and onion bread

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Bread is one of those amazing things, that quite often take anything you really throw at it. I’d read Joanna’s post on Cheese and Onion bread last week and it had wedged in my mind. I wanted in on that, and had grand visions of sumptuous burgers with lashings of sauce dripping down my chin and (probably quietly dripping down into my sleeve. ) Yep, I wanted in on that alright.

I didn’t have some of the ingredients that Joanna had used so I decided to throw what I did have in there and see what the results would be. Cheese, caramelised onions…hell, lets shove some beer in there too.

beer cheese and onion bread

Beer, Cheese and Onion Bread

(for Joanna’s original version please see here)

the sponge

200g sourdough starter

1 tsp dried yeast

330mls beer

150g flour

(mix together and leave over night)

Next day mix sponge and

600g flour

200mls water

wait for about 40 minutes and then add

150g grated cheese

4 tbls caramelised onions*

2 tsp salt

Mix again. For a wonderfully detailed example of what to do with your bread after it’s mixed see Joanna’s post here. Other wise do what you normally do in a bready fashion.

I baked mine at 230 for 10 minutes and then down to 210 for another 8 or so minutes, swapping shelves.


The beer, cheese and caramelised onions give a lovely chewy, soft texture. Perfect for burgers or as pictured above, an easy sautéed mushroom and melted cheese lunch.

Voted 5 stars from Mr Chocolate.

* easy recipe for these to come.


27 thoughts on “Beer, cheese and onion bread

  1. Ooh, you make those sound so very good! thanks so much for the bloglove Brydie. I think you’ve taken that recipe to another place with your beer sponge, yummy!


  2. Bread is the most forgiving of baked goods, isn’t it? Which is why we love it so. I love the crust on your little rolls but, even more, I love the mushroom melt idea. Just beautiful. I need to make these rolls!
    A short story: Once, many years ago, I attended a seminar at my daughters’ school. It was early evening and many had come straight from work to attend, so someone had kindly provided cookies and tea to tide us over. The lady next to me brushed crumbs off of her blouse, leaned over and whispered, “Things always land on my top shelf.” What a giggle we had. And I’ve never forgotten it.
    That gorgeous drippy burger sauce of which you speak would most definitely not be on my sleeves.


  3. What a yummy lunch. Great that you were able to make these from what ingredients you had. I love rolls with caramelised onions. I think these rolls would make the best burgers. xx


  4. i’m all for shoving whatever is on hand into a loaf or rolls..but not so great with recipes..i have a rebellious nature! i made a levain last night that might enjoy your inclusions of cheese and onion though..and i always have a few bottles of beer lurking in the back of the fridge..x


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