warm and wonky




Finally finished

the little blanket with the 20 cent church sale balls of wool in it

warm and wonky

to fit on a lap, to play under

to smile at when I look at all the learning curves I put in there

the odds and ends stretched out to try and use them all up

my first crochet blanket

(funny little thing it is.)


24 thoughts on “warm and wonky

  1. Looks great!
    I have just started my third knitted blanket for the kids but I have to confess that while I like the knitting process the sewing it together is a little tedious 🙂
    Well done you xx


  2. Warm, wonky, bright and beautiful, all of the things that make hand crafted items priceless :). Love it. You should see my hand knitted gauntlets if you think your blanket is wonky! I haven’t knitted in years and got to the end of my first gauntlet feeling suitably proud that I had remembered how to both knit AND perl without having to resort to the internet and suddenly realised that I HAD forgotten how to caste off ;). Oh well, you can’t win them all and my wool came from a friend who had spun it years ago and I spent a fair bit of time knotting a bit of it back together after the moths had finished with it… handmade is the best 🙂


  3. Doesn’t look wonky to me at all Brydie. Its beautiful. Love the combination of the huge squares, rectangular bits and smaller squares. Much more interesting than uniform granny squares. Well done. Very impressed!


  4. Beautiful! blanket! And what an adorable little monkey… I’m knitting a baby blanket at the moment. My very first. Mom got me started on it and handed it over for me to do. It felt symbolic..


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