Schiacciata con l’uva…can you remember it?



Some time a go when I was still a girlfriend, I was introduced to a man. We exchanged names and shook hands. It was a pleasant meeting, he seemed to be a likeable fellow, and being a friend of a friend, maybe we would meet again, maybe not.

A little further down the track and we did meet again. Mr Chocolate remembered him well, and gently pushed his newly wed wife towards the man in an enthusiastic gesture.

“You remember my now wife? he beamed.

“Sure!” said the man just as enthusiastically

I looked confused. Turning towards the man, I held no recognition of his face at all. I looked back towards Mr Chocolate, hoping for another clue. Nope nothing there. Clearly they were both mistaken and we had had never previously met before. (hmmmph!... thinking I must haveย been mistaken for a previous girlfriend.)

Introductions were made once more, and after a time we left again. Mr Chocolate assured me we had met previously but as I had no memory of him and usually “never forget a face!” I sincerely doubted him.

So when a third time meeting occurred another year or so down the track, Mr Chocolate (probably a little cautiously) said “Brydie you remember *Ben don’t you!” With his eyebrows up a little higher than normal and perhaps a slight edge to his voice.

“Of course I do babe. Ben…how are YOU?!” Smiling and giving the guy a big hug. I sucked up my complete and utter confused-stranger-alert face I wanted to put on, and instead put on my so-happy-to-see you my old friend face on.

Pleasantries passed between us, a lunch was had and again we left. No awkward moments for Mr Chocolate this time as I had remembered the man I met several times before.

Although I hadn’t. I still had no recollection of this man what so ever. Not one little scrap of face recognition did I have. All I knew was this was theย man whom I was expected to remember due to having met him several times before.

Mr Chocolate and I laugh about it now, and refer to him as the man who I can’t remember. Certainly not for a lack of personality, as he is lovely (so Mr Chocolate tells me.) Just for some reason he had refused to jump into the recesses of my memory bank.


Now what does this have to do with bread? Well schiacciata is another word that refuses to stay in my memory bank.

Grape and Rosemary Flatbread? Don’t worry, I’m all over it. Starts with an S I’ll say. Italian regional flat bread…delicious…dead easy to make. Sounds a little like sciatica, also ends with an ‘a’. But remembering the name Schiacciata?

Probably as much chance of remembering that as I do dear *Ben.

* And no, I still can’t remember what his real name is.

Schiacciata con l’uva

(Grape and Rosemary Flatbread)

the bread…

400g starter

750g flour

500mls water (approx)

2 tsp salt

MIx in your usual sourdough fashion and roll out on to a large tray. Last proof and add your remaining ingredients just before you pop it in to the oven.


if you have no starter use this how to make bread recipe

600g flour (4 cups- I use strong bakers flour)

2 tsp dried yeast

400mls tepid water

ย 3 tbls olive oil

2 tsp salt

for the top…

add all of this after the last proof and just before you pop it into the oven

couple of sprigs of my potted rosemary

extra salt (I use Murray River Salt)

some great local olive oil

dark grapes

Baked at 230C for about 20 minutes with a little steam.


This post submitted to the always drool worthy yeastspotting


24 thoughts on “Schiacciata con l’uva…can you remember it?

  1. Hahaha…Brydie, what are the odds that Mr Chocolate would have been so eagerly pushing you towards a guy you DID remember really well? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Poor Ben, I’m sure he’s lovely. As is your gorgeous focaccia (I have no idea how to pronounce Schiacciata, let alone remember it!) ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


  2. So delicious looking indeed Brydie! As for poor Ben, just tell Mr Chocolate that you don’t remember him as you’ve only got eyes for one man in the room- him!


  3. Hahahaa! Ah, I’ve experienced the same thing Brydie! I’ve also forgotten people’s names but remembered their faces. There was one case (with a woman I can’t remember) where she ran up and said enthusiastically, “Hi Laura!!”. I was standing with my husband, whom she hadn’t met yet, and I said “Hello!!! How are you?!”. We chatted and I thought, ‘how am I going to introduce her to Aaron?!’. Thankfully, Aaron introduced himself and then she did the same. Whew! Now, why can’t I remember her name?! (on a side note, this bread looks so delicious. I love the photo of your wee one eating it!) xx


    • Oh that’s so awkward isn’t it. I find it amusing when you are on the receiving end, and the person has clearly forgotten your name but not so much on the other side. Lots of…oh how are YOU? Or the good old Aussie…”maaaaate” which guys can get away with a lot easier.


      • Agreed. A woman saying ‘mate’ just doesn’t sound right! And yep, I’ve been on the receiving end too. I find it suitably amusing (hopefully other people think the same when I forget their names!)


  4. I think we all have similar experiences. Fo the past year I would smile and say Hello to a Mum I thought I’d chatted to once at a playgroup. We very recently bumped into each other at a party and got chatting. Turns out we’d never met before! Well it’s nice to be friendly isn’t it! Love your blog!


  5. I have so much trouble with facial recognition. Apparently it’s now a diagnosed condition. I walk past people I know all the time. It’s quite a problem. I love the look of your bread – olive and rosemary – my favourite xx


  6. I seem to have those sorts of moments increasingly often – and then there are the ones when I mean to say one thing and a different word altogether comes out (often one that doesn’t exist outside of my own vocabulary!) – so I’d consider yourself lucky you just have the one man ๐Ÿ˜‰ As for this bread…delicious!


  7. Just to let you know – I’ll be signing off at the blog and starting a new one. I’ve been thinking a lot about it and the time has come. I will let you know where I’ll be, once the new blog is up and running!


  8. Consider yourself fortunate, Brydie, there are some of us who have spent our lives dealing with this constant, reoccurring handicap – at first glace, I thought you had baked up an olive bread – have never had this combo, but you’ve convinced me – I’ll try your version.


  9. I think I always think it must sound like sciatica – must try saying this word aloud some times. I have a friend who I once introduced to a housemate who said I don’t believe we have met and she replied, that is what you said last time we met – it always amuses me that he loves to remember a story of how he forgot. Your bread looks lovely esp in little hands


  10. Hahaha funny post, I too often have these akward exchanges in shopping centres
    “Hey, um, YOU!!”
    Names completely escaped my memory. It’s funny how some people just don’t make an impact.
    Your bread looks wonderful! Grapes and Rosemary is certainly an interesting combo I’d love to try


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