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“Often life’s pleasures pass us by simply because we don’t take a moment to focus on them… Make a point of noticing everyday something that uplifts your spirit or tickles your heart… Stop to breathe in the joy of this moment and then tell someone about it. Share your joy and revel in it. When your joy is savoured, and then shared, it is magnified…” ROBIN GRILLE

Surprise bunches of flowers, with perfectly tiny pink blooms…loving their tiny pinkness.

Eating simply, with lots of whole foods. I really do enjoy eating like this, it feels right and combined with eating with the seasons…well, I love that.

This is also led me to playing with a lemon tart. Using sprouted buckwheat, no butter, no wheat, no sugar and gluten free. Sounded a little unlikely when I was writing down how I thought I might make it. Turns out… we all loved it.

Watching this little girl’s face light up on the discovery and pure delight of, well, everything…loving her so much.

That sweet moment when the coffee hits, and all the world is realigned again. Clarity in a coffee cup…loving that.

History lesson for my boys, both of them so very interested…loving that.

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If anyone else would like to do a ‘loving’ post, (or simply write something in the comments). Please let me know, link back to this post and I’ll do a link up. I would love to know about those little moments in your week that have tickled your heart.
Have a peek at Erin’s little cutie who has just found her new legs this weekend.
Making me want to move immediately to the country is Kim and all her preserved goodies.
Also have a look at what the lovely Kari has been up to… I do have a little garden envy.

31 thoughts on “loving…

  1. I am loving witnessing two women (12 hours apart on Good Friday) transform into becoming a mother for the first time – both in their lounge room – surrounded by love xx
    ps one is a foodie – bit like you B – so I’m loving the daily treats during the baby moon period xx


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  3. I love those flowers; they’re just stunning. And your little girl seems to be growing up so fast. I love the sound of your lemon tart but when you rattled off the list of what’s not in it, I was wondering what other possibilities there were! xx


  4. A lovely loving this post . I posted one too though I am afraid I spread my photos out between my slow living post as well – so much to keep up with!
    That age your smallest one is at now is my favourite age.Those little wisps of hair ,those soft chubby curious fingers and those serious looks they give you that suddenly burst into sunshine when they smile. Enjoy it Brydie. That photo made me want to put JB and Little G back in the little blue jackets I keep in the cupboard that remind me of that velvety time.


    • I think that’s why so many of her photos keep creeping into my blog Kim. I’m so aware of that precious time just disappearing. I loved the way you described their smiles, it’s so like that….treasure those little jackets.


  5. So beautiful Brydie. Your posts are always so lovely and uplifting. And just look at her! She’s so scrumptious and those curls are the sweetest things 🙂 I can’t wait for the recipe of the tart too as I’m a huge lemon tart fan. Have a lovely week. Mel x


  6. Loving the 20C days we are having, the sunshine, the ability to wear gloves and the crisp clean air in the mornings while I am walking the dog…loving that soon…VERY soon I will be waking up in the dark and will be reigniting Brunhilda (our 4 oven woodburning stove) to do my bidding…we work well together and I have missed her badly over the horrific summer we just had. Loving life and autumn and these posts 🙂


  7. Beautiful splashes of pink! The photo of your little girl is priceless. My little one spent a long time lying on his tummy yesterday looking at a parade of ants. I was so tempted to join him. I’m REALLY looking forward to your lemon tart recipe. Looks beautiful. I need to make morning tea soon for a little boy and his dad with all sorts of allergies. This looks like it would fit the bill.


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