the song of summer


summer is still singing her song

a song of

dripping frozen treats

little baby hats

the soft scent of frangipanis

kisses and giggles on the warm grass.

I know there is a change coming

an autumnal shift

but for the moment

let her finish her song.

23 thoughts on “the song of summer

  1. I am delighted to say that today we have thunder, rain, and a maximum temperature that is below 20’C! Although I must also confess to being a little cold, because the drop is so sudden and so substantial that I am not adequately dressed 😛

    I’m glad you are enjoying your summer days and these little moments sound lovely regardless of the temperature.


  2. This so makes me long for summer, which is just around the corner here! And you are about to enter my personal favourite season. For me there is nothing more lovely than a crisp, cool Autumn day.


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