time to lay back…

DSC_0385 copy  wool tart

running and happy squeals

accompany snatched handfuls of food when whizzing by

a simple plum and nectarine tart is whittled down to crumbs within minutes

a new red hooking project begins

capes flutter in the wind

time to lay back and ponder the clouds

letting the mind just quietly wander

…oh when was the last time I did that?


What are you up to this weekend?

DSC_0371 copy


15 thoughts on “time to lay back…

  1. It’s too cold to look up in the sky here- snowflakes are falling and they melt on my glasses when I come inside.
    Enjoy your season of warm- your children in arms- and your chance to embrace them, Brydie.
    I love these posts AND pictures!


  2. Good golly that tart looks amazing! I think I could inhale it in seconds all by myself, no wonder it didn’t last.

    Your weekend sounds gorgeous and perfect for enjoying time with children and your sunshine. We’re avoiding the sunshine here (41’C!) but otherwise doing a fair bit of relaxing too 🙂


  3. Your tart looks absolutely delicious and is making my taste buds tingle just looking at it. Lovely relaxing photos and I love that you got some crochet time 🙂 We have a long weekend down here this weekend – always a bonus – so hoping to make it as relaxing as possible. Mel x


  4. Beautiful! And oh, that tart.. I miss the sun on my skin. I would love to jet over to Australia for a few weeks. I hear the sky is bluer there. Sigh.


  5. Those simple relaxing weekends are always the best,aren’t they? I had a similarly paced weekend myself and it was just what I needed. Hope you enjoyed every second of yours. And my gosh that tart is beautiful!


  6. lovely photos – the tart looks amazing – I guess it is photographed on the wire rack because it didn’t spend much time once it came off the rack (or never did) – that is the best kind – fresh juicy and sweet


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