Dark Chocolate Honey Ganache Cones

Β a little lurker

Dark Chocolate Honey Ganache…

I had been thinking about this combination for at least a year. Dark chocolate ganache… a strong honey… and perhaps some chopped lightly toasted hazelnuts wouldn’t go astray either.

Now pastry or no pastry? A tart could work…

Then I saw the mini cones, done. How easy would that be. Construction began.

Little Monkey liked the sounds of it, he wasn’t leaving my side. No no, not for a second. That little barnacle was tricky to pry off without a wayward chocolatey spoon clasped in his hands.

Left over dark chocolate ganache from the little fella’s birthday cake. Stir in some Leatherwood Honey, and pipe it in to some mini cones. Easy, and now I’m thinking of other possibilities based on this little combination to play with.

What do you think might work?

22 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Honey Ganache Cones

  1. Looks yummy! Reminds me of when my mom used to give us leftover frosting on graham cracker sandwiches. I haven’t indulged in years, but I just might have to.


  2. sounds like excellent food for cowboys – would be wonderful on any cake or as I have just seen ahttp://www.bakebikeblog.com/2012/08/spelt-croquembouche.html they would be great inside choux pastry


  3. What great chocolate cones, you have such fab ideas Brydie. I started using honey in ganache a couple of years ago and it really lifts it into another chocolatey dimension. I’ve added chilli and also cinnamon, both work well as do chopped pieces of crystallised ginger. But then, I do like my spices!

    And you have one of those Turkish bowls I remember seeing and admiring on Celia’s blog years ago. Lovely pictures.


  4. Yum! I made Martha Stewart’s chocolate ganache last week and it yielded a HUGE bowl, way too much for the cake. I plopped the leftovers in little bowls and called them ‘chocolate pots’. Gawd, they were sooo rich. Love the idea of putting the ganache in little cones; ie. smaller serves! Guess you could freeze them as little ready-made ice creams too.


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