this boy

this boy…

with the soft warm little hands

that still want to hold mine

this boy…

who runs with his big brother,

and sometimes needs help with his shoes

this boy….

who loves to eat apples

and listen to stories of old red trains and happy french lions

this boy….

who still likes to wear a cape

and yellow work goggles up the street

this boy…

who’s big brown eyes and long camel like lashes

that make you melt with the love that it sparks

this boy…

who will never be three again,

and instead will now be four


27 thoughts on “this boy

  1. Happy birthday to a big four year old. Lovely how he still likes to hold your hand. Alfie holds my hand as we walk to school but I know my days are numbered! Beautifully written post Brydie xx


  2. what a sweet sweet poem..happy happy fourth birthday ‘this boy’ will read the poem when you are grown and knowing you were and still are loved so much..

    my son is 29 this year and we walk around studley park each week and talk and have a coffee..sometimes we bush walk too..he talks of the future when he has children and we still all get together each wednesday fortnight for a meal..


  3. Oh how I loved that age in my children…that sense of wonder about everything and that trust that their mother knew everything that was wise and wonderful. A time to be treasured. Though our ‘this boy’ has just turned 12 …and that is also a remarkable time. Though when they are 12 they dont’ think you are wise or know everything, but they still don’t mind a hug.


  4. Birthday blessings! May today be a special day πŸ™‚ ps I’ve not been using my reader so I’m clicking unfollow as I’ve now got your blog in my rss reader


  5. Beautiful assessment of your precious little monkey- my children used to disregard my judgement saying I had”mommy eyes”, I do and I’ve come to understand we have a mother’s mouth too, speaking words of encouragement and love. My oldest is now 33 and we still have that loving attachment- only he holds my hand to steady me on the beach rather than the other way around.
    Thank you, Brydie, for sharing- and happy birthday to your little monkey!


  6. A very happy birthday to your treasured boy. A beautiful poem which you should keep for him and present it when he is a young man. Something for him to treasure too πŸ™‚


  7. How lovely Brydie – that made my eyes sting! I’ve just had a few days with my grandchildren and the youngest, Mia, who’s nearly three solemnly watched some teenage boys exercising in the park and then did a very creditable imitation of push ups, but the funniest thing was that she accompanied it with the huffing and foofing sounds. It’s such fun to see the world through her eyes.


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