Finished crocheted cowl

just in time for cold wild windy Sundays

nibbling on soft sweet

Vanilla Champagne Coconut Cupcakes

thinking about the next jazzed up caesar salad

and marvelling at how quickly

a baby girl can grow


What are you up to this Sunday?


(to all the mama’s, Happy Mothers Day. You do an awesome job.)

29 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Happy Mother’s Day Brydie – and enjoy those cupcakes. I just read back to the original recipe and they sound very, very impressive!


  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I love your crocheted cowl – looks amazing. That’s a lovely caesar salad – I made caesar salad for Mother’s Day as well! But I didn’t make champagne cupcakes – these look wonderful xx


  3. Viewing this a day late- I’m struck by your poetic bent and whimsical ways. Champagne and cowls, Caeser salads and beautiful babes- Happy Mother’s Day, happy every day to you, Brydie!


  4. Happy Mothers Day Brydie. We spent Mothers Day in Centenial Park.. we were in Sydney for a wedding. It certainly was wild and windy. Perfect cowl weather. Your little lady is growing so quickly. Enjoy 🙂


  5. Love your blog! I’ve been a bit of a “lurker” for quite some time, reading and enjoying every post but not commenting. However, the earrings being worn in this post have piqued my curiosity—–I’m wondering if they are Holly Yashi?? I live very near the HY business in Arcata, California and I LOVE the handmade and unique pieces that Holly Yashi offers. I so appreciate that I live in a community that fosters such a beautiful entrepreneurial spirit. Thank you so much for sharing a bit of yourself with us, your faithful readers!


  6. I went to Arts in the Olives in the Kerry Valley with my daughter Nicole. We had a wonderful day! A lovely respite from all the dramas with the saving numinbah effort. Love the cupcakes and it seems little one is growing in leaps and bounds. I’m sure you’re enjoying your little girl. Miss seeing you on more of a regular basis. Keep well. Mariana xxx


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