pull up a bean bag and I’ll show you around…

If you could hop into my mind at the moment it would be quite a sight.

Not the quiet ordered library like shelving you might find in other people’s minds. A neat selection of thought processes, coloured coded, and ready to be retrieved at a moments notice. Nope, none of that around here. These days things are looking a little scattered, highly colourful and more than a little bit higgledy piggledy.

Why don’t you pull up a bean bag, take off your shoes, and I’ll explain. Let me show you around my mind for a minute or two.

First off, we have the high alert baby radar. This one helps with interpreting baby cues, when to switch from feed me, to soothe me, and then to love me. It’s taking up a big amount of space at the moment, and rightly so. The little one is just so darn cute!

Next we have the thoughts on time and where the hell it goes? You would think in a 24 hour period there would be ample time to do the little things like… oh I don’t know. Do your hair? Get a drink of water? Apparently not. As for responding to a friend’s text message within a three to four day time frame, still a little overly ambitious I think.

On the left we have the creative side. Looks a bit dusty that area at the moment. If you stand still awhile, you might be aware of the balmy soft breeze going through. Sends the dust bunnies into a flurry.

Down the back we have the tired and emotional section. If we keep our voices to a whisper we might be able to sidle on by and not disturb that one… It’s for the best I think…. Shhhhh.

On the right we have the common sense and self regulation thoughts. Current topic, is Mr Chocolate’s rocky road. Apparently the two are at odds at the moment. Common sense says, hey buddy that is farrrrr too much already consumed and self regulation says nope, I reckon I can do it. I think I can do the whole lot. (Not sure who’s going to win there, and mind your toes there seems to be  a whole lot of peanut and chocolate crumbs about.)

In the corner we have the green room. Used frequently for environmentally friendly issues and concerns. Unfortunately not enough thoughts have been conveyed lately to the land of blog. Some people might even assume that there were no green thoughts left and everything had been taken over by the ever consuming business of food. I’ve been instructed to let anyone concerned know, that conveyed thoughts will hopefully resume at a nearby date.

In the mean time I have this funky little green grasshopper finger puppet from Japan given to The Monkeys on the weekend to distract you with… Now what do you think about that?

and more importantly what’s going on in your mind this weekend?

39 thoughts on “pull up a bean bag and I’ll show you around…

  1. It would be a shame to have to make the effort to pack those few remaining bits of rocky road into a container – best you finish it off to save yourself the bother. Great post, very funny and yes, your daughter is very cute. My brain is scrambled too. It was nicely ordered once but then I had three children xx


  2. Yes, no need to wash any more dishes either. Save the hot water… EAT THE ROCKY ROAD NOW! I have scrambled brain also, I call it BABS… my grandmother use to say that I was bass a$$ backwards (whatever that means), so I now call it BABS


  3. Brydie,
    Enjoy the discombobulation and disorder of your mind/life and eat the rocky road! Celebrate the fullness of a life filled with beautiful baby girl and boys! What a sweet post- filled with poetry and angst- and stuffed with joy!
    Thanks for the tour!


  4. with a post like this I have no doubt that there is quite a bit of activity in that creative corner – am sure the baby corner is warm and snuggly and that it wont be long before the wee one wants to join in on enjoying the rocky road – it looks delicious


  5. It sounds like your mind is as busy as might be expected with a new little arrival and 2 (or maybe best phrased as 3… 🙂 ) boys needing attention too. I hope you start getting those drinks of water at least though!


  6. Oh I think you sound like you are doing just fine. The rocky road looks delicious and well finished by know I expect. How very cute is bubby…. I cant believe you even have a creative brain at the moment


  7. Oh dear dear Brydie! I did listen long and careful, and did hear no balmy breeze lifting dust bunnies in that left hemisphere! ‘Twas a sweet sweet post, and a DARLING little girly one! Talk about Creative! Would you just look at what you and Mr Chocolate did make!! 😉


  8. With the due date only 6 weeks away I know a little how you are feeling. Although I haven’t actually experienced new mom brain just yet… Seems to me you are doing a wonderful job, and that new babe is simply beautiful! xox


  9. what a lovely post and what a beautiful family… I understand the scattered mind in the baby stage, I was all over the place by then 🙂 keep strong and keep posting!


  10. Aww love this Post – she still has those delicious lips 🙂 I’m impressed you can string actual paragraphs together. I think my little brain was too muddled post-birth for coherent thoughts let alone putting them down in writing. Have a wonderful Easter! Mel x


  11. Lovely post…I really like going back in time with you and remembering what it was like to have a little one in the house.I remember my house was a trail of unfinished coffee cups that never got to be drunk ….but I also remember the bliss of having a reeeally good reason to sit on the lounge and think away because i had a sleeping baby in my arms that just couldn’t be disturbed.Enjoy this time, it goes far too quick.


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