Sunday rambles on three kinds of wonderful

Apple and Plum Crumble

Crumble, it’s the quickest dessert I know how to make and it never disappoints.

I never think jeez, that was a fairly average tasting crumble. Nope, I never think that, and not because I think my cooking is the bees knees either, but because it’s a humble dish that realistically I don’t have high expectations of. Therefore, how can it be anything but damn delicious…

Still with me?… I’ll keep going.

Take the very high on my list of all time favourites, Lemon Meringue Pie. See that sugary little number, I have very high expectations of, and realistically frequently get disappointed. Too sweet, not tart enough, pastry likened to playdough etc. Very rarely do I get the whole package that I’m looking for in a lemon meringue.

The crumble however, is like a part of the family. Comfortable with who it is, not overly showy, and subtle on the taste buds… (oh and super quick to make, and I’m all about the speedy-ness of things at the moment. Mr Chocolate has very little chance of me making an all day effort Black Forest Cake at the moment) and for those speedy, tasty, not disappointing reasons…. I think the apple plum crumble is just a bit wonderful.


A nearby house has a window box full of lovely snapdragons. These beautiful and odd little flowers have The Monkeys captivated each day on the way to school.

Snap Snap!

As they open their petal jaws by squeezing the sides of the flower. There’s a whole lot of surprising goings on in that little window box, sometimes the flowers can grow a whole metre in the one night. Sometimes you have to watch out for their tiny rows of little sharp teeth when Monkey fingers sidle by… Snap! And if you get really, really close to them, you might be able to hear a low growl when young school kids come too close.

Now who knew that about the wonderful snapdragon?

My Grandmother

My grandmother getting to hold her very small great granddaughter. That in itself is all kinds of wonderful.

43 thoughts on “Sunday rambles on three kinds of wonderful

  1. A beautiful photo of your nan and your daughter – it will be treasured for ever I’m sure. I made the plum shortcake yesterday but unfortunately it wasn’t successful : ( I made it in a loaf tin but the outside cooked but not the middle – I think I lack your touch Brydie!


      • I think it was due to a combination of the wrong baking trays and the fact I don’t yet fully know how to operate the oven in my new place. The outside bits were still yummy and the plums on top were delicious so it wasn’t a total disaster : )


  2. That last photo is absolutely beautiful.

    Your crumble post is just in time – with the fire on today, I feel it’s crumble weather too!

    Never knew that about snapdragons either but I do love them, s colourful and so generous.


  3. I like your “contented” posts as much as your “rants”- very insightful.
    I like crumbles, too, although my favorite is blueberry buckle. I love the early names for dishes and this one just makes me smile- alliterative and delicious!
    I grew up with snapdragon- they do almost growl! There is a wayside herb (otherwise known as weed) here that is called butter and eggs. A very small rendition of the snapdragon – I have a little love session everytime I spot them. They don’t roar or growl- they purr!
    And the picture of your grandmother and daughter holding hands- it is so very dear. I’m quite partial to all things grandmotherly these days.
    Thanks for the small slice of your life today, Brydie.


  4. That last picture almost made me cry. So sweet!

    Crumble is beautiful dish, isn’t it? I love them best warmed up with some vanilla ice cream all melty on top. Yum!

    And also, snapdragons; one of my favorites. Just sowed my summer flower seeds yesterday.


  5. I feel the same way about self saucing chocolate pudding…. if we are bit tired after work , it is still no effort to throw this together ….and it always tastes good.
    I loved the last photo.


  6. Your grandmother is very blessed to be a great-grandmother. I love crumble too and yes, it’s one of those desserts that’s very forgiving and no matter what you do to it, it does seem to turn out well. It’s also a great family dessert and something everyone in my family will eat.


  7. Thanks for a little slice of beauty and contentment. I hope that photo gets printed and placed on the wall. It is just so perfect. Enjoy.


  8. Isn’t just the perfect time of year for crumble ….. a family favourite here!

    …. the hands, it bought a tear to my eyes, just gorgeous.


  9. Your last photo of the hands is just so precious, it really caught my eye.. so much love in that picture:) I just made lemon tarts.. too funny.. and I see you’ve got something I want! I love a good crumble!


  10. but… I want the recipe! 🙂 the crumble looks really delicious and the picture of the holding hands is touching. what a bless to still have a grandmother…


  11. All kinds of wonderful, for sure! Brydie, I do love a crumble too, for all the reasons you said. I think no dessert feels more humbly homey to me, and this combination sounds like the bees knees! And how precious are a woman’s old, life-worn and loving hands holding the plump pinkness of a newborn’s?! All kinds of wonderful!


  12. What a lovely, upbeat post. Crumble is the best for after Sunday dinner when you fancy a treat without slaving over the stove – plums and apples sound great. I like to put oats in my crumble topping now, it gives it extra awesome without any more time 😀


  13. That’s a really good point! It’s hard to have an average crumble because it is so comforting in itself. I often find myself disappointed in spaghetti bolognese, in the same way that you do with lemon meringue pie!

    Oh and that last picture is gorgeous 😀


  14. Precious precious precious! I LOVE great grandchildren photos. I feel so blessed to have had my great grandma in my life til I was 11 years old. And am so happy for my son to enjoy TWO great grandmas in his life… so special.

    I’ve never made a crumble. Maybe one day I will attempt it with the hope of it being a gooden!


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