cherry plum and almond wreath

cherry plum and almond

A baking challenge?

You bet.

How could I not. It looked delicious. The taste possibilities were endless, and it looked like just the thing to tickle The Monkeys taste buds.

Make it with local seasonal fruit, even better.

peach and blueberry

For how to make one of these wreaths, pop over to Discovering Sourdough.

I’ve written down the changes I’ve made, but it will make more sense if you check out the original recipe first.

Cherry Plum and Almond Wreath

200mls milk

3 tbls sour cream

50g butter

50g sugar

Warm ingredients gently and then cool a little and add

210mls water

Set aside.

450g starter ย (100%)

650g strong bakers flour

Mix together with liquid mixture and let autolyse for an hour.

2 tsp salt

Add the salt, mixing well with dough hooks.

200g strong bakers flour

Then out on to a well floured board and incorporate the extra 200g of flour. Slowly and over about 10 plus minutes.

Prove for 3 hours

Cherry Plum and Almond Mixture

6 blood plums cut up

large handful of fresh cherries, pips out

3/4 cup of sugar

Cooked up for a few minutes until soft, draining any excess juice off and stir through aย large handful of blitzed almonds, (or almond meal if you already have it.)

Peach and Blueberry

Peach Punch Jam

fresh farmers market blueberries

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27 thoughts on “cherry plum and almond wreath

  1. I had to go check out how the shape was made, and after reading the original post I’m even more impressed with your creation! That note on ‘this is an all day event’ is almost guarranteed to mean that I shall never try it (but am in awe of you doing so, whilst pregnant no less :)). I liked the idea for making a round / square wreath though. I’d like to give that a go with something less time-consuming if I can come up with the right idea…

    In the mean time – I think you won this challenge ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Mine didn’t take quite so long Kari, due to warmer weather here, (there are a few layers to it though.) Also you could speed the whole thing up and use commercial yeast if sourdough isn’t your ‘thang’.
      ….and the square one? small ovens have to be accommodating with what ever tray sizes I have ๐Ÿ˜‰


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