sand and treasure

dinner at the beach

no plates

no washing up

no sand in your sushi please boys

treasure found at stash and treasure

hoarders unite

old things find new homes

new things find old homes

possibilities… possibilities…

now that’s the kind of shopping I like

What have you been up to this lovely weekend?

34 thoughts on “sand and treasure

  1. oh I love those sunflower plates – I have a few and love them on dinnerware – we are off to the beach soon and I can’t wait – those photos make me want to dive in – funny it is now sushi at the beach – in my day it was fish and chips and probably will be again soon

    quiet weekend – blogging to avoid cleaning the pantry but must get myself over there


  2. I know that beach!! I really did visit your neck of the woods when I was over in Sydney last year 🙂

    Your weekend sounds delightful. I’ll look forward to seeing those plates feature underneath your creations…and are those table runners? Or table cloths? Or just gorgeous bits of fabric for general use? They are gorgeous at any rate.


    • I wondered whether you would recognise it Kari 🙂

      Fabric was a mixture of a couple of pillow cases, retro sheeting cut into squares, and a six metre stash of some heavy duty material. Not sure what I’ll do with them yet, but I do like having possibilities.


  3. Most everything in the garden is frozen solid, so I’m not stepping out there for fear that I’ll go all frosty too. :). but honestly, enjoyed a few dreamy hours at the garden centre, did some baking, took a drive along Beachy Head near Brighton, and a walk along the promenade at Eastbourne. That was Saturday. Today is Sunday. Another day, another adventure. 😀


  4. Loved the boys a-leaping! And loved the sight of bare feet and beach as a powdery gentle snow is falling here. And the whole idea of sharing what was once ours…or trading it for something that was once “theirs”…it’s all pretty beautiful.


  5. lovely..a carefree dinner at the beach..a break from the usual routine..a bit of ozone..and sand..and a salty taste on the lips..

    and i love your treasures especially the son and i had coffee together yesterday and he was telling me about the trip he and his girlfriend had just returned from..the part where he told me that they had stopped off at every op shop on the way caused me to ponder on what treasures they missed (for me) 🙂


  6. Gorgeous and fun photos! There’s nothing quite like the beach when you’re a kid!

    This past weekend I went on a dinner cruise on beautiful Sydney Harbour with Mr Shady Pine….not a bad way to spend an evening if I do say so myself 🙂


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