guilty pleasure

I have a guilty confession. It plagues me a little, it taunts me too.

Others taunt me because of it.

You see I….

Oh maybe I shouldn’t. Maybe it would be unwise to announce to the world my guilty confession. No, guilty pleasure. A secret best kept in the dark and only to be known and enjoyed by me. Sometimes I force my guilty pleasure on to Mr Chocolate. He endures, through gritted teeth and a dozey eye, he even musters a word or two directed at me in relation to it. But really, he would much rather do….most anything, then join me in my guilty pleasure.

I haven’t tried to stop, I haven’t gone without for a while. I still actively seek it out. I am truly loyal to this guilty pleasure.

But what is it? What could it be, that sits silently with me, and makes people raise their eyebrows in shock and followed by just a little scorn.

What could this colossal special guilty pleasure be? What could be enough to purse people’s lips, and harden people’s hearts at the mere mention of it? That’s right, some people’s hearts harden at just the mere mention of it. You what?!

You see, I like….


No. I love Survivor. Yes, I mean the American Reality Tv show based on Outwitting, Outlasting and Outplaying other competitors while living in an isolated location. Yes, it’s a little cheesy, a little staged, a little way too coordinated and I thoroughly enjoy it.

Every. Little. Bit!

I don’t read trashy magazines. I don’t smoke. I don’t go out clubbing all night. I don’t spend whole days shoe shopping. I don’t watch day time tv, I barely watch night time tv. I don’t guzzle soft drink. I don’t eat chocolate bars lying in bed at night. I don’t watch Neighbours, Days of our Lives, Eastenders painting my toenails. I don’t collect mugs with fluffy cats in pink ribbons.

I don’t… well, you get the picture.

But… I do watch Survivor, And this week a new season starts and I CAN’T wait.


Wikipedia– A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. The “guilt” involved is sometimes simply fear of others discovering one’s lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes. Fashion, video games, music, movies, and can be examples of guilty pleasures.

Come on, cough it up….. what’s your guilty pleasure?

45 thoughts on “guilty pleasure

  1. I watch The Bold and the Beautiful. I know it is dreadful, but I watch it anyway. I can go away for months and when I come back i just pick it up and go on. It is on in Italy, but i\I can’t understand it. The man who provides the voice for Ridge in Italy died recently and it made the news.


  2. My guilty pleasure is reading horoscopes – I’m addicted! I have to read at least three a day and if I read one I don’t like I just find a better one!


  3. I was reading along, wondering what it might be, sneakily put off onto the wrong track by your (gorgeous) first chocolate photo…and I never saw Survivor coming! 😛 I’ve actually never watched it, so don’t know if I’d be similarly entertained or not. I’m glad you have a new season coming up to relax into though 🙂


    • Nah, no guilt with marzipan chocolate. (Unless I eat my body weight in it in a short space of time that is.)
      You could always watch the new season and if you like it… there are always box sets 🙂 (all 22 ? seasons!)


  4. Oh I have so many guilty pleasures…. especially chocolate… what’s funny is that I do a weekly guilty pleasure blog, and this week it’s my weakness for Peter Alexander pyjamas:)


  5. New season of Strictly Come Dancing just started…. but I quite often watch it on replay and skip loads, it’s a very long programme. And this of course, reading blogs when I should be doing loads of other things, what can be a guiltier pleasure than that ?


  6. I like Gordan Ramsay’s cooking shows- especially Master Chef. My husband is disgusted by the language- and won’t watch with me- but I love them. And I love Antique Road show- there is something about the way the people with treasure are so stunned and the people with junk are surprised that their stuff has no value at all.
    I have to sneak these both in when my husband isn’t home- because he really hates the shows I like!


  7. I’m sure I have lots. When I first read this I immediately thought chocolate, and then True Blood, a bloody drama about vampires, and the amount of sugary treats I would consume in one sitting, just because they taste good. Sometimes my off switch doesn’t work, and it can turn things into a guilty pleasure pretty quick.


  8. How timely, I got sucked into watching Survivor tonight! I sat down and was hooked, there is something about that show that is addictive. There was a time when I watched every season, now I will just catch it when my husband is watching, I have to be careful, or I will get HOOKED!


  9. I love embracing pleasure where I find it, and whilst I feel a bit sheepish sometimes, I’m almost always too far gone into it to feel much guilt! And the pleasures almost always involve finding, making, and ingesting some food or another. Yesterday I had a sensational ginger brulee Brydie – oh, it was a pleasure indeed!


  10. I think my guilty pleasure is buying cookery books that I don’t need at all, just because I enjoy reading them. Magazines too – I decided that it was cheaper to just get them on subscription because I can never resist them at the supermarket, and at least this way I don’t have to pay as much!


  11. I was shocked about survivor because I was just waiting to read what sort of chocolate was your guilty pleasure! What is my guilty pleasure – chocolate bars when a new version comes out – I know they are just trying to get my money but I still fall for it occasionally and regret it because the promise is much more exciting


  12. Without a doubt it is buying unnecessary craft goods. A new dress pattern? YES. A couple of metres of inviting fabric? You got it.. Bits and bobs to add to the clutter? Hell yeah.


    Great post, Brydie!

    I totally get it with all the ‘I don’t’s too. Surrender is the only option. 😉


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