spiced warm hug

Brown slop. Thats what I hear you say. Brown slop in a pretty bowl….Actually you are right, it is.

But, it’s good brown slop.

Had a light dinner and need a little something else to ease you into the evening?

One spiced warm hug coming up. That’s what this dish is, or that’s what it feels like when you eat it. Warm, nourishing, you can feel those spiced milky arms envelope you. Feeding your inner soul with its goodness of spices and hint of lemon. Giving you the quiet sugar kick that you were after with out crushing all your taste buds in one mighty swoop. Some nights don’t suit chocolate, some nights are a simple curl up on the couch with a spiced warm hug.

Some people might say brown sloppy rice pudding, I say spiced warm hug please.

Spiced Warm Hug

2 cups milk

150mls cream

1/3 cup muscavdo or molasses sugar (or any other dark unrefined sugar)

6 green cardamom pods

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp dried ginger

1/3 cup any short grain rice

1/4 cup sultanas

1 large strip of lemon rind

Bring milk, cream, spices to a simmer, turn it down a little lower, so it doesn’t bubble over. Now add the rest of the ingredients and stir continuously on a gentle simmer for 15 minutes. Then put the lid on the pot, turn off the hot plate and leave it for 20 minutes. Don’t peek, it’s still doing its thing.

Eat on the couch, with a blanket on your lap, and a book by your side.


22 thoughts on “spiced warm hug

  1. I never make rice based desserts, but I would love a bowl of this – I’m guessing that little bit of cream and that dark sugar lifts it to another level a mile away from what they made me eat at school 😀


    • The dark sugar does change it a bit. Muscavado I adore but have trouble finding it. The dark molasses sugar isn’t a bad substitute though, and at a pinch I’m sure just regular brown sugar would be fine too. But I like my sugar to have a bit of oomph!


  2. Yum! This, in winter, and as per your serving suggestion (couch + book + blanket) is pretty close to perfection in my view. Your bowl also looks quite like the ‘brown slop’ I get when I add carob to oats, so I think I’ll transition right across to this ingredient combination 🙂


  3. If you had added a cinnamon stick garnish it wouldn’t have looked like slop at all. As it is, with looking at the list of ingredients, I’d order a large bowl, please!
    I’d eat anything you made, Brydie. You are a food lover and even your flops are better than most people’s successes!


  4. I have to admit that I’ve only ever had the rice pudding my mum made, but this spicy twist looks fabulous and I’ll definitely have to remember it and be more adventurous with my rice puddings this winter!


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