caramel hazelnut chocolate tarts

I’m not allowed to make these very often, as restaint happily sits outside the front door and away from ear shot. Just the right size to pop into your mouth in one sugary sweep. Gone like a flash, as the hand reaches for another… ahem, and another.

See. Troublesome little tarts they are. Trouble with a hazelnutty bottom, a sticky caramel middle and just enough chocolate drizzled on for some to get stuck on your top lip.

You’ve been warned.

Caramel Hazelnut Chocolate Tarts


1/3 cup toasted hazelnuts

1 cup plain flour (150g)

100g chilled cubed butter

All into a food processor until resembles bread crumbs. Divide mixture and press into greased mini muffin tray (I also cut strips of baking paper, lining one hole with a strip- easy to pop them out then.) Bake at  180C until a light golden. Press mixture down with a teaspoon to compress it while it’s still hot.


In a pot, add one can of condensed milk (395g), 30g butter and 2 tablespoons of golden syrup over a low heat. Stirring until butter melts, then bring it up to a simmer, and keep stirring until mixture thickens and darkens a little. Divide the caramel over the pastry tarts, cool for 5 minutes and then over to a wire rack.


Melt the chocolate really slowly and then drizzle it over the tarts. If you melt it slowly the chocolate should stay ‘in temper’, and will avoid any streakiness, (if you don’t mind a bit of streaking now and then, just go for it.)

38 thoughts on “caramel hazelnut chocolate tarts

  1. Why did you post this? Now I will have to make them! My very favourite ingredients and drizzling is my preferred method of icing. Thank you, there will be no restraint exercised here at all 😉


  2. I love you, Brydie!
    You have the most amazing little treats in your posts-
    AND the healthy bits about veggie usage- not to mention hippy foods and concoctions- plus you are a total foodie at the markets!
    Thanks- I WILL be making these- with no restraints whatsoever!


  3. Such wonderful treats and so pretty too – who needs millionaires shortbread? I’m having problems melting chocolate these days never mind it staying “in temper” but I’ll take your word for it 😉


    • Now I had to look up what millionaires shortbread was, we would call that a caramel slice…actually millionaires shortbread sounds a little more enticing. But yes, essentially the same…except, round, and hazelnutty….and less chocolate. (As it was all about the caramel you see 😉


  4. These would be excellent for fattening up a skinnu husband, and I have one to hand. They’d probably end up fattening me further too, but I’m willing to suffer for his health.

    And hazelnuts are terribly good for you too….


  5. The next time that my husband goes away on a business trip, I’m going to make these. He’s diabetic, and it would just be too wicked of me to have these in the house where he’d be tempted. But just wait until he leaves town …. hmmmmmmmm.


  6. And I can vouch for the awesome deliciousness of these little beauties. Oh how I, and my burgeoning waistline and broad smile, can vouch..


  7. Those tarts are lovely. Perfect for a teatime break. Well, maybe it’s too hot here to have a tea (maybe ice tea) but those tarts… oh I’d eat tons of them!


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