art and food…yes please


I don’t think I had any expectations of MONA (Museum of Old and New Art- Hobart). I had heard it was good. Had also been told of a couple of particular pieces on display, but other than that I didn’t really know what to expect, besides knowing that I did want to go there.

Driving in, vineyards line the drive way up. Guinea fowl, chooks and ducks roam the carpark. I think anywhere that has that as a welcome, along with striking architecture and a tennis court in front of the subtle entrance, immediately has my attention and I wanted in.

Little Monkey had timed a nap in his pram perfectly and the iphone used for orientating yourself with the artworks suited the tech savvy Monkey Boy. The gadget distracted him enough away from any adults only pieces and it was quicker to ask him to find the information I needed, than from Mr Chocolate.

This place is awesome. No other word for it. If you go to Hobart, make sure you head over for a couple  of hours. It ooozes with funk, intrigue, thought and a bucket load of awesomeness….and it’s free. I loved our afternoon here.

falling water drops forming words

30 people singing Madonna songs in unison...brilliant!

 Now food in Tasmania is a big factor. If you like being out doors, being active and like your tucker a whole lot- it really is heaven. This time around we weren’t dining out in fancy places that had two types of wine glasses set up. Not all. If they had kid sized milkshakes excellent. Drawing paper and colourful pens…even better. Fast and tasty, yes please.

A few of the stand outs for me were, (and you don’t have to have kiddo’s to enjoy them).

The Red Velvet Lounge, Cygnet. This place is really appealing as soon as you walk in. My eyes moving straight to the stacked (still warm) sourdoughs and brimming cake counter, (why fight it?) Steve the owner also blogs from The view from my Porch. This is where I got to have lunch with the lovely Kate from Vegetable Vagabond.

Global Kitchen, Moonah. Three cooks from India, South Korea and Ethiopia, all offering different dishes. A tasting plate that left me gasping for air and The Monkeys skipping out with a chocolate chip biscuit gripped in their little monkey hands.

Machine Laundry Cafe, Hobart. This place was recommended to us 7 years ago. We dutifully seek it out and the Fat Boy Roti was remembered for ever more by Mr Chocolate. Back again, and it was a given that we would see if it was all still there. It was, and definitely worth the wait to get in. Part laundry, part cafe. It’s got retro seating, a line up of people outside and a menu that doesn’t disappoint. It was certainly worth the seven year wait to come back.

roti filled with scrambled eggs

bacon and parmesan pancakes

he got really slow at the end of that one...

So, with my muddy shoes stacked up, my scarf draped over the back of the chair. I lean back contentedly, give my belly a happy pat and  say very enthusiastically…that, was a lovely holiday.

See you again Tasmania.

* Apologies to any subscribers who got the delightfully titled 4252 post- sometimes my brain pauses…pressing publish without a title was one of those moments. 

31 thoughts on “art and food…yes please

  1. I loved MONA too – I had high hopes but they were exceeded. So amazing. And the free bit blew us away! We came home and googled the owner to try and figure out how it was financed (answer: he’s very rich, and generous). Apparently they’re going to start charging non-Tasmanians though, so we went at a good time!


  2. Great to meet you cityhippyfarmgirl and your delightful family and friend. I definitely will check out the Global Kitchen when next in Moonah…. thanks!


  3. I feel like I just took a small holiday with you! I love the willful intention- Art and Food and blog friends to meet!
    I usually don’t plan- just go and see what there is to see- allowing serendipity to guide me along. sometimes it is fantastic- often it is rather sporadic and I come away wondering what I missed.
    I agree with Joanna- lovely, lovely- thanks for sharing!


  4. You are inspiring me to make a journey to Tasmania! Not to mention you are making me incredibly homesick. I love your blog, just brilliant! xxx


  5. lovely great posts from such a beautiful place Brydie! happiness lives everywhere, in heart of nature, in heart of all human beings!
    thx for sharing it all with us! to me tasmania seems so far away from greece, yet a dream place to visit some day! pls promise you upload in near future y-o-u-r version of these awesome breakfast recipes aka roti filled with scrambled eggs and bacon and parmesan pancakes..have a nice time! 🙂


  6. Thanks for some hat-tips for what to look for in the south of the state. I’ve only been to Hobart maybe 1/2 dozen times (Tasmanians have a funny attitude to distance: we’ll travel interstate rather than go from one side of the island to the other), and everything south of Oatlands is pretty much an undiscovered country.

    If you ever come back, make sure to come up north, so I can direct you to my favourite haunts. 🙂


  7. Great trip away – felt like a proper adventure. I loved MONA and you know my take on the dinner I had there and the lovely produce dotted like twinkling stars all over the place. There will most certainly be return trip(s). Thanks for sharing the love.


  8. Sounds like a lovely holiday – we had a similarly lovely time in the machine laundry cafe – great food and hip waiters – wish we had gone to MONA – will have to save that for next time.


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